Friday, January 12, 2007

Eurokids - A review

I had mentioned earlier about the pre-school, Eurokids, that our older one is going to in Bangalore. She started almost immediately on coming here. She just completed 3 months there. Overall, we find the school pretty good, especially since their philosophy is, Learning by doing - a child needs to 'touch', 'explore', 'learn' and 'enjoy' to understand the world around him. Our daughter seems to like her school and she has some friends as well. Typically, a class has about 12 students. Each class has a teacher and an assistant. Each class also has a bathroom+toilet. The flooring is laminated and is maintained clean. Kids leave their footwear outside in the shoe rack and are bare feet inside the classrooms. The facility includes a decent amount of play area that has some Little Tikes play structures, a few of Little Tikes cars and the like. Lots of assistants are sprinkled around, and I know that kids are watched over when they are playing outside.

Right now, each Eurokids pre-school has the following class groups:
  • Playgroup for kids between 1.8 and 2.5 yrs of age
  • Nursery for kids between 2.5 and 3.5
  • EuroJunior for kids between 3.5 and 4.5
  • EuroSenior for kids between 4.5 and 5.5

At the nursey level, she is being taught a lot of things in a fun and interesting way. She gets to do a lot of things with her hands. And best of all, they maintain a folder for all of her activites through the week and send it home on Friday. All her work sheets are for us to keep, and we need to only send the empty folder back on Monday. The teacher teaches almost everything using props. The kids get to see, touch, and eat the fruits that they are being taught about. They get to use their sense of logic in different activities. For example, there was this work sheet where they had to choose the right kind of transportation for air, water, railway tracks, roads etc. Every child gets individual attention from the teacher while doing the job in class. The sense of satisfaction and pride is evident in my daughter when she explains her work sheets to her parents or to her grand parents/relatives.

In these 3 months, they have already had a few parties like the Diwali party, the Christmas party, a children's day, a sports day, and a few field trips. Overall, I am very happy with all these extra activities, especially the field trips. My daughetr comes home and tells me about the fruit shop they visited and the differnet fruits that they got to see. She also got an opportunity to go see an ambulance van, and visited another Eurokids facility on another field trip. I have met her teacher and she seems really nice. All of their teachers are trained by Eurokids and are given a Eurokids certification before being offered a job.

Some gripes:

  1. Our daughter goes to the nursery class and typically has classes for about 3 hours, that includes a half hour play time and some snack break. My daughter can easily stay at school for another hour. She definitely can use some more mental stimulation and challenges.
  2. As parents, we are not invited to involve ourselves in school activites within the school premise. We are not invited to their Diwali/X'mas celebrations. So, we don't get to take pics of our children at such events. :( I was used to being very involved at her Montessori in SF bay area and loved seeing my child being on her own outside of her home. The only Eurokids invites we got was for the sports day, which I must say, was nicely organised.
  3. Quite a few closed days. They have about 50 closed days for various occasions and are again closed for 2 months in summer.
Typical fee structure for '06-'07:
  • Admission fees - Rs. 5,500
  • Tuition fees - Rs. 1,350 per month. You have to pay for a minimum of 6 months or 9 months or 12 months. Which means, even if your child is going to go only for 7 months, you have to pay for 9 months. (You pay for the 2 closed months of summer by default.)
  • Registration kit - Rs. 1,100
  • Books - Rs. 200

Please Note: There has been no additional fees for their Diwali/X'mas parties, sports day celebrations or field trips. Everything has been covered in the fees that we have paid towards tuition.

* I am not sure if the fee structure varies based on the place. I would expect all Eurokids pre-schools in Bangalore to have the same fee structure.

Big reason for this review: Eurokids is a big chain of pre-schools in India and has over 200 pre-schools all over India. The sheer number called for a review.


Deeps said...

This sounds very interesting. Do they kind of prepare the kids for education in India? I mean how long is this pre-school? Do the kids next move on to LKG? Or directly to 1st standard? Am asking out of curiousity... :)

Chitra said...

Directly to first standard after EuroSenior. The nursery is like pre-KG, EuroJunior is like LKG and EuroSenior is like UKG.

This chain of pre-schools is among the fresh crop of "new age" schools in India, especially in Bangalore. Teaching toddlers and young kids in very western, hands-on and playful methods.

silkboard said...

In general, there is good demand for extended pre-schools now. With real estate such a problem, you don't find many with decent space/garden etc within the city. Thankfully, my area (Whitefield) has a few spacious ones left.

Neev ( is another good one, v expensive though.

NZ said...

Nice review. Did you try Kidzee ? just curious - they are advertising big as well.

Just read your other post - I hope you all get well soon :-) Otherwise, looks like you guys are settling in pretty well - lucky you :-)

Chitra said...

Silkboard, yes the demand is like never before. Never heard of Neev, probably 'coz Whitefield is far from here. I guess they do not have branches.

NZ, Yes, I have heard of Kidzee. I think thay are a chain as well. I am not sure if they are there all over India, tho'. Thanks for your wishes. We all are mostly well. I am glad!

Vijaykumar said...

Hi Chitra...

u r doing a great job...... specially on ur view on the schools and specially Eurokids... U do not know how thankful I am to U for ur posting on Eurokids... I have been searching for a view from somebody anybody about Eurokids specially in detail just like how u have given for a months.. and finally U helped me out and many parents abroad... Thanks a ton..

I have taken admission for my son at Eurokids.... I am in Stamford connecticut and hence asked my parents to take admission for nursery at Eurokids... since it seems good and is close to my mom's home... also since we r going to stay close by and settle in Bangalore....

I need ur advice: My son is 2 1/2 now... and for a year he will be in Eurokids.... I want to put him in a good school next year... Will all the schools take him directly to lkg .... coz I have read many parents directly putting their kids in nursery at convents/public etc schools....

I just want to know if there will be a problem if I want to put my son in a good school next year.... and also if U have any idea on the admission process....the interview method and if u could share some tips with us on this...

Plz do help me on this... I have been asking soo many people I know here to tell me something atleast but no one has much idea about it... so plz plz help.....

Thanks a ton....

Best regards

Chitra said...

Hi Sandhya, welcome to my blog. I am happy that this came of use to you.

I am sure you can admit him into LKG after Eurokids, 'coz a lot of schools have admissions into LKG. That is one of the reasons I put a list of schools here, I am not sure how the admission processes are going to be. We are going through it right now and I will update the blog once my daughter gets into LKG. :)

Keep visiting and please suggest topics of interest to you.

Anonymous said...

This was excellent. Thank you for the details. Do you know anything about the Mumbai Bandra Eurokids? The tution seems to be almost 3 times the one in Bangalore for Nursery. Outside the tuition, what is it like?


Gurpreet said...

Hi Chitra,

You have done an excellent job by putting all this information together. I read almost all of your articles and found them very interesting. I found this blog full of compiled information which is not available elsewhere.

I moved to Bangalore with my family 5 months ago. We are having a 1.1 year (13 months) old baby. I was looking for the information about the schooling in Bangalore.

- Can you give some idea about the right age for getting admission in PlayGroup (about EuroKids you mentioned 1.8 years, is this common for all play schools)?
- What is admission schedule for PlayGroup?
- I was trying to compare Eurokids and KidZee, but didn't find enough information for comparison?

Thanks & Regards,
Gurpreet Singh

Chitra said...

Anon, Thanks! I am glad the info helped. I am sorry, but I know nothing about the one in Bandra. 3 times, huh? Not surprising.

Gurpreet, welcome to my blog and thanks! I am not very sure of the right age for playgroup. I am guessing anything around 2 would be good(?) I would have loved to do reviews of other schools as well, but really have access only to Eurokids, and that is cause of my daughter. Please look at my post on pre-schools. Maybe something there will fit your need? Do let me know.

Anonymous said...

Also check out Shemrock preschools (

Chitra said...

Welcome to my blog, Anon. I have not heard of this chain (?) Will do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for all the helpful information. I am from Denmark (Europe), relocating to Bangalore this summer. My youngest is 2 years old and non-English speaking. Do you think she can be admitted to these type of preschools?

Thanks and regards,
Helle Nielsen

Chitra said...

Helle Nielsen, welcome to my blog. I am sorry I didn't get to see your comment earlier. Yes, I don't think she will have any issues getting into such pre-schools or any pre-school for that matter. Since she is only 2, it wouldn't matter that she doesn't know English. And she will pick it up fast at school, anyway. Hope this helps. And all the best with the move.

Anonymous said...

A brand new infant, toddler, pre school, Nursery and KG by IBM Work Life in partnership with this next gen type, very cool child development centre YOUR KIDS 'R' OUR KIDS just got launched in Bangalore ( at 44/1a Bannerghatta Road, next to IBM SA office & Sagar Apollo hospital. A second location is 155 Golf Link Rd (next to IBM EGL office) on Inner ring road in Koramangla.

What can i say, the day care & school is the best I have ever seen in Bangalore for kids just 3 months old to 6 years of age.

My 8 yr old daughter attends the After School where is learning dance (salsa), casio, theatre, grooming, hand writing, mini tennis, pottery, martial arts, personality development & I know they offer many more for ages 3 to 12 years of age.

The management is Suman & Bharat Kapoor, both Ivy league educated. Bharat is from Harvard. Both are very professional & moms & dads, I must say give them a warm welcome, as they are very good.

Phone numbers are 08041113671/72

Pinkesh said...

Really appreciate the effort you have put in. This is very helpful for many.
I just waned to putforth a bad experience I had with Eurokids.
I wanted to put my child in Eurokids. Visited the school on Begur Road and liked it. Owner (Ms. Indira Anand Kothaneth) was not present in the school.
After going back, I called up the owner to get the details of the fee structure and transportation.
Fee structure is changed from what is mentioned on this site. Annual Fee was around Rs 26080 that can be paid fully at once or we can pay 2/3rd around Rs 17,400 at the time of admission and rest around Rs 8700 in two installments.
So far so good.
Regarding transportation, owner told that there are 2 more kids coming from the same place as mine so transportation will be provided. But, to my surprise, when I asked for transportation fee, she told first I need to confirm whether I am putting my son to school. That seemed ridiculous to me (and offcourse to many others too). All other schools that I tried, I was given clear indication of transportation fee.
On insistence, she told that, transportation is provided by a taxi which is not managed by Eurokids. I asked for the contact number of transport provider but again got the same response, first confirm the admission then only they will give contact number.
So just because of this attitude of the owner, I didn't admit my son to that school.

I hope this issue is only there on the Begur road, Bangalore branch.

Thanks & Regards,

Anonymous said...


People interested in pre-school education must first consider Montessori method of education. It has been proven to be the best all over the world and above all the system is over a 100 years old now. It is really practical and children learn amazingly well. There are many Montessori Houses of Children all over Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

We had read your review on Euro kids indira nagar branch and that had lead us to make up our mind to admit our child in that play school.
Sadly admitting our child in that Euro kids indira nagar branch has been the mistake. The few of the play group teachers are rude and egoistic that we don't know what our child has been going through inside.
They do not answer any queries and the ignore parents as if the are nuisance. The Euro kids style of teaching is no way helping any of the children getting admissions in any of the school for the nursery class.
They have 20 students in each class with 2 teachers and 1 help which handles 2 PLay groups. Teachers are not capable to control the kids and the kids end up getting bruised, bitten and clawed in class. If we go and speak to the Owner Sejal Khotari the teacher concern puts the blame on the parents and Sejal lets it pass by without getting to the root of the problem. Sadly the office in-Charge and the some teachers lack the soft-skills to handle parents who leave their kids under them. Worse some of them don't even know how to sing the rhyms the right ways we parents had to teach them
I suggested Euro kids indira nagar branch to a lot of people after reading you blog and they put their kids there. they too are so angry but helpless to remove their kids mid-term as they have paided the fees in full.
not every parent can change schools because the management is unable to cope up with the expansion of the school. Surely Euro kids indira nagar branch is just into the business of making money.
that news about Euro kids indira nagar branch in ur blog is old please update it.

Mrs. Sawhney said...

Hello Parents, Bangalore finally has a childcare of the highest quality, stressing a safe, secure environment; a nurturing, professional team of staff; and the finest educational experiences we have ever witnessed. My 2 year child and now a whole group of my friends have enrolled their children at Your Kids 'R' Our Kids ( Their 2 centres are located at 44/1A Bannerghatta & 155 Golf Link Road.

I confirm they are committed to providing a fun-filled, rewarding program that balances each child's intellectual, physical, social, creative and emotional needs.

My child's day includes personal attention, gentle guidance and developmentally appropriate activities, including reading, math, science, art, music, computers, second language, creative movement and problem-solving challenges.

Each member of the YKROK team, each aspect of their program, is dedicated to empowering children to do the best he or she can do.

I urge parents to check it out as we all are very satisfied. Their number is 080-4111-3671, 4111-3672, 4126-1500

Nitin said...

I was trying to compare Eurokids and KidZee, but didn't find enough information for comparison?

Can u pls provide link.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra

My son is one year old and I am looking for a mother-toddler activity center, similar to the kangaroo kids concept in Koramangala. Would you know of any such center in Koramangala?


SRIDHAR said...


What is your view on all the negative comments written again Eurokids in below link?


Anonymous said...

I want to share my feedback on Kidzone, indiranagar, bangalore.

Please Stay away from Kidzone Indiranagar. They give so many false promises. Never keep them. forget about hi-fi things.. They promise to do potty training in 3 days after kid joins there.. forget about potty training, they dont even clean kids potty properly.
When I talk to the correspondent(meenakshi) there, She says she is too busy for these small things.. and she was advising teachers to check just before the kids coming out. For whom? It is just to satisfy the parents interest? or interest is to keep kids clean?? When I heard this I just walked away and never sent my son again there..

Kids hardly eat anything there.. When I asked them, Sai's teacher was telling we didnt feed him because he may bring out everything he had.. All I sent was only grapes/biscuits.. his fav stuff.. He used to eat them in the car once I pick him.

Teachers there are just time pass kind of ladies.. who used to sit at home.. and joined preschool as teacher.. They dont have knowledge on how to deal with kids.. not even basic knowledge.. they cant even difference between drool smell and potty smell too..

They are too greedy for money.. It is run by husband and wife.. Husband does marketing job.. rather bashing other preschools.. and praising his own.. believe it is so horrible.. I discontinued by 22 month old..

They dont do much for preschool kids and concentrate more on nursery. As nursery just before they go to school interviews..

Well If you are for preparing kid just to school.. not for learning.. you can go ahead with kidzone.. They do good job of preparing kid to school.. that too in the last minute..

Anonymous said...

My son is going to Kidzone and I have never faced any issue. Rather the teachers are so loving and caring that I am scared to send him to a different school where teacher might not have ample time for students.

Arjun said...

Hi Chitra,
My kid is 2yrs and 8 months old.and I would be coming to Bangalore in July 2008 so there are many apprehensions in my mind as to should I put her in a orthodox school or shall I opt for these new age preschools like Neev,Eurokid or Kangaroo kids.What do you suggest ?Since my kid has not attended play school ,would be very difficult for my kid to adjust to completely new surroundings like that of a proper school and even I can not imagine her going to school directly.But if I get her admitted to these new schools(Concept is good) would it hamper her natural progression if I decide after 1 yr to get her into a good school.would she continue from where she leaves these schools or would she have to repeat the class?The question is will the Schools like Bishop Cotton accept her?
Kindly give your frank advice .

Anonymous said...

My 3 year old son goes to Your Kids 'R' Our Kids at their Intermediate Ring Road centre since one year. He will now join Bishop Cotton. I found the program pretty solid at YKROK. Their Math and English program is very good.

The best part I liked about YKROK was that when I enrolled my son, they recognized that my son will soon be entering formal school in Bangalore that have a range of expectations for my child's social and academic performance.

YKROK kindergarten provided a total comprehensive, learning approach that challenged my son and supported all areas of development.

I have their syllabus for anyone who wishes to get a copy. It recognizes both the value of a next gen type - modern curriculum and also a traditional approach directed, instruction to ensure that my child enters first grade with the skills and knowledge expected of him in the school that they will attend.

I am copying this from their syllabus they gave me.
YKROK philosophy follows a simple three pronged approach to value based teaching that is contemporary yet has strong roots in our culture and tradition. YKROK's believe that each child has an individual spirit & potential. Classmates are never compared with each other to praise one at the cost of denigrating the other. Spiritual development is as important as learning the three R’s. Parental involvement is essential. No wonder, YKROK children leave smiling when they graduate to bigger schools.

The school is worth enrolling. We got feedback reports daily and a progress report at the PTM monthly and formal assessment of my child was done two times. This assesment helped my son get into Bishop Cottons and National Public School.

Anonymous said...

For 2 year, 4 month kid (Feb born) what is the best class to enroll - playschool or nursery. Going by typical cutoffs 3 yr 10 month in JUN in the schools for nursery - he will be 6 months short OR 6 months over the age. Any suggestions?

Right now, I have enrolled him into Kidzee in playgroup, they did not agree to nursery (even though he seems to be mentally more tuned to stuff done in nursery class)

Anonymous said...

I was very unhappy with YKORK, indiranagar. the teachers are inexperienced, they change often. My son had a traumatising time there. Somebody there hit him and called him a bad boy. He used to wake up in his sleep saying he didnt want to go there. When I approached the school, they didnt do anything about it, and they didn't even offer to help me and my son get over the trauma they ahd caused. I didn't expect this from the so called "ivy league" educated founders.

Deepu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deepu said...

Hi all,
Thanks for the valuable inputs.
I've a 20 months old baby and planning to put him to a daycare/pre-school soon, as my wife's starting her new job by Aug mid.
V stay @ Indira Nagar & my current bets are on YKROK, Shemrock & FastTrack kids.
Mrs.Sawhney's feedback on YKROK was very posotive, but a latest comment from anon (Jul-14) on YKROR is lil scary. :-(

Shemrock is pretty decent....they r one of the pioneers...established in '89 and has around 90 centres across India.
But, i dont see any comments/feedbacks on Shemrock here.

FastTrack kids is relatively new, which is in CMH road.

Pls. help us choose the best of the 3.
Truly appreciate ur inputs and help.

Thanks a bunch !

Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra,

We have a 5 year daughter whom we want to enroll in a pre-school.
We are returning from UK and will be located at BTM layout ( silkboard ).
Could you pls suggest any pre-school for my daughter.


Anonymous said...

My 18 month old daughter goes to Your Kids R Our Kids in their Embassy Golf Links center. I am a working mother in Goldman Sachs. The excellent care taken of my child in terms of feeding her, toilet training, grooming, values taught to her is much appreciated. My daughter loves coming to YKROK to play and socialize. I really do not know what I will do without this childcare. To be honest, YKROK has made me more independent, and I do not require the support of my husband financially. Thanks so very much YKROK for supporting me and the excellent care and facilities you have. Ms. Prema

Abolee said...

Hi, wanted to check out the fee structure, overall experience & your feedback at YKOK.I have a 3 month old son and I am looking at day care options could anyone please help?

Anonymous said...

My daughter is going Play-Group in Dollr collny bangalore, and i paid 28k. so i think fee structure varies on branches.

Rads said...

Hi Chitra,

My son Cenai is now 2.3 years old.I have taken admissions for him to the Nursery for the year June 2009-May 2010.He will be 2.9 months.He was born on 12th sept 2006.I have enrolled him for the nursery section in Eurokids-Indiranagar.My son will complete 3.8 months when he will finish his nursery in May 2010.Sice he is Sept born it will be difficult to enrol him into schools which take children who are 4 yearsand above into LKG.In such a case he will have to repeat nursery again till May 2011.He will be 4.8 in May 2011.I have heard a very good response about schools like Bishop Cottons and ST,Andrews who strictly take children 4years and above into LKG and they also have a fixed % of catholic students they take,As i myself am a catholic and if the schools is really good i dont ming waiting for another year.
Please also do give me a list of schools who take children who are 3.8 and above into LKG and when do their admission procedure start.Also do provide me feedback on schools that i have mentioned.I have just moved here from Mumbai and i am not aware of the schools here.
Please waiting for your help on the same.
Thanks Rads

Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra,
your blog is providing useful information about pre-school. Since you have got good experience about pre-school, can you please advise which is best pre-school in Bangalore for my son whose age is 1 year old whether it is Kidzee or Eurokids or Kangaroo Kids or any other good school? I shall be highly obliged to you for your valuable advice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra,
If you want the best fruits of pre-school education try admitting your child in the Montessori Houses of children for three years and see the results. The child studied there is far better than any of the child studied from Euro Kids. Other day i went to an education exhibition in Hotel Ashok, where the Euro kids people had a stall about their preschool. when i enquired about their type of educating systems adopted they were not able to give me a clear answer, the answer i got was they adopt a bit of gurukul method, abit of montessori method, a bit of shanthinketan method and above all some kind of other method which i have not heard at all. Is this the way they educate our future citizens? using a mixture of all methods. Kindly answer me....

Anonymous said...


Amith said...

hi, i wanted to know does anyone know how the swaminarayan gurukul school on bangalore-mysore road is? how is the teaching method? the school looks fabulous, but dont know much abt the teaching...

Chaitra said...

Hi Chitra,

Any idea how is EuroKids in RT nagar?


KARTHIK said...

Hi Chitra,
Do you have any idea about EuroKids in Sarjapur Road?

Anonymous said...

After along search in Bangalore, trust me I went to nearly all day care centres in the city. I did not care about the distance but a wanted a highest quality daycare/child care for my 8month old son. I am a working mother at Microsoft in EGL. The only day care I found in Bangalore worthy is YOUR KIDS R OUR KIDS. The ratio they have is 2:1; personalized care; excellent infratructure, nurse given to my son for care and not a maid; well ventillated; nutritional food & best of all I can come in anytime I want to visit. The management Bharat & Suman are down to earth, staff have no attitude, the centre is safe, tight security and health mandates in place. They let me come in every day to help me settle my child, and today provide me proper reports on what my child ate & did all day when I come to pick. I highly recommend Your Kids R Our Kids to any parent looking for the best day care in Bangalore. They charge Rs. 7,000/- month for 12 hours, and they are open year round and the fees includes food.

ramya said...

Hi Chitra,

I used to live in SF bay area...moved here in november 2008. I work at EuroKids as a Nursery Teacher. Thank you so much for the review on our schools..


Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra

My Son is 1 yr old. I am planning to send him to a Daycare centre cum play school. Kindly suggest some good day care centres. And also pls let me know their timings. As I am working from 9 am to 6 pm

Anonymous said...

Why dont you try Wecare? It is a daycare cum preschool and operates from 8:30 am to 7 pm. It is the cleanest daycare in entire Bnagalore. They have so many nurses, a peditrician and a nutritionist. The infant section is so roomy and cheerful. I work in TCS and getting back to work has been so smooth thanks to them.

Nimisha said...


Thanks for the information shared.
My son is one year old and i want to put him in day care.We stay in wilson garden. UR kids R our kids in Kormangla will be near to us. Can anyone one plz give me the feedback about it.

Of if sum other good day care is available nearby, plz tell.

Anonymous said...

hi, my daughter is going for play-group in little elly. i would like to put her in pre-KG. I am not sure whether to continue in Little Elly itself or in Euro Kids (these 2 are situated in BTM) in preparing her for higher levels in school. If anybody has information, please share.


Sachin said...

I am moving to Blore from Gurgaon next month , July 10. My wife use to work in Mother's pride play schools chain here in Gurgaon as a teacher. As she also would be moving with me, she need to look for a job here in some play school.I am looking for some schools near or around Whitefield area. Other aspect i need to see is for the day care facility in the same school for my 19 months old daughter. She can join pre school after 2-3 months when she is eligible for the same.

Can you please suggest some schools i can look for in Whitefiled area ?

Thanks in advance.


Sachin said...

I am moving to Blore from Gurgaon next month , July 10. My wife use to work in Mother's pride play schools chain here in Gurgaon as a teacher. As she also would be moving with me, she need to look for a job here in some play school.I am looking for some schools near or around Whitefield area. Other aspect i need to see is for the day care facility in the same school for my 19 months old daughter. She can join pre school after 2-3 months when she is eligible for the same.

Can you please suggest some schools i can look for in Whitefiled area ?

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...


I wish I had read this blog before enrolling my son in EK, Indiranagar.

Now the child-teacher ratio is 10:1. When I joined my son, Sejal mentioned that she can customise t for every individual child, based on the child's nature. Since my son is quite young, she mentioned that they wouldnt make a young child cry for long. Now she is insisting that my son follow the timings strictly as all other children.

In general Sejal seems to go by rules, rather than customizing it to different children's nature.

I've had 3 days experience n the school. The first three days, one room was packed with 20 children, 20 mothers, 4 teachers and Sejal. It was like a fish market, with everyone shouting rhymes and some kids crying. My son was bewildered seeing that crowd. Can they not plan it better, after taking so much money? A little child as old as 1y,9months would certainly not become comfortable in this environment, in this noise.

we are supposed to hand over the child at the gate and come back at the time mentioned in the "settling schedule". Ideally they should encourage parents to wait outside until the child settles down and get back the child, if he/she cries too much. Doesnt that make sense ?

I would prefer my son crying for 15 mins everyday and getting used to it, than 45 mins/1 hour one day and falling sick the next day.

Anyway, let me see how it goes. Will update here.


Anonymous said...

Sachin wecare is similar to mother's pride i thik it will make a good fit for your wife and your child

Anonymous said...

HI All,

I am planning to admit my son - 2.5 to Euro Kids or Kidzee in Arakere, Bannerghatta.

I would like to hear parents opinions which school is better.

Please share your views.


Nirmala said...

Up to date fees on nursery schools please.

We are moving back to Bangalore to be closer to my parents and want to enroll our 14 month old daughter in one of these day cares. Currently, we have her in a corporate day care in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Can anyone please verify current monthly and up front fees for Neev, Your Kids R Our Kids, WeCare and any other day care you think would be good. We will go anywhere that has great quality.

Anonymous said...

Dont ever send you kid to KIDZEE. I know about KIDZEE,Bangalore, vijaynagar branch.they dont have teacher with good ethics then what they can teach to our kids.I Know one teacher called Anjuladevi who

always fights shouts and even she is not good in her personal life.Kids are justinnocentthey will learn what they will see around them.When the one who is teaching them will be a thief, abused person then what our kid will be careful when you decide where to send kid for learning as we send our kid to these school to learn some ethics and some quality to leave a respectful life.If the person who is teaching is don’t know meaning of ethics then what our kids will learn.

udaya said...

Hi Chitra,

We have shifted to B'lore a month ago. My daughter is going to complete 2 years by this month end. I have few queries reg her school admission.

Is playschool experiance compulsary to join her in Nursery?

Can you please suggest some schools near by Indiranagar inner ring road?

I am unable to decide if i had to join her in Nursery or playschool next year.

Can you please give your opinion on Eurokids Indiranagar?

Appreciate your suggestion

Anonymous said...

Euro Kids and Kidzee doesn't have good teachers and academic staff. The reputation of these centers are getting spoiled at most of the locations.

My experience with T.I.M.E. kids has been really great. I work for software MNC at Sarjapur and I have put my child at T.I.M.E. Kids. It is from the T.I.M.E. Institute who run chain of coaching centers for IIT and CAT.

The infrastructure is superb and the staff are very responsive and humble. I feel that the leaders in the pre-school and daycare are T.I.M.E. Kids.

They are really GREAT!!!

Anu said...

I just happened to view this web-site about Eurokids and I am delighted that this Organisation is doing such a splendid job.
My working experience in schools here in the UK, has been really enriching and I am mighty pleased with this good effort by the team at Eurokids...I'm certain that this organisation would go a long way in bringing home the International standards in child-safety and wishes to them for all success in the future too..
Thank you for sharing this informative piece of writing about Eurokids and your valuable opinion as well....!.....

My Miracle Baby said...

Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.

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Latha said...

If you plan to send your kids to YKROK (Your Kids R Our Kids) or any other day care check for following feedback:
1. Teachers/staff changed often.
2. Indications like kids being drowsy or number of hours they sleep.
3. Total experience of teachers in the current setup.

I had noticed these issues with YKROK, hence explicitly mentioned their name.

Again dont go by my words above, only trust feedback received from word of mouth.

You will notice that most of the positive feedbacks would be from parents who are more interested to work and would settle for the nearest or first day care.

Final Year Java Projects said...

Hi Chitra, You done a great job by this blog. I have collected lots if informations as my friend is always discussing about this for his kid. Keep blogging.

gowshika said...

Hi. Greetings. This post is really good and blog is really interesting. It gives good details.

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Anonymous said...

HI there.Chitra realy appereciate your efforts.I am very new to banglore and have come back from America for an year.My17 month old is ready for preschool and i have heard about ABC montessori which is very respectful and a reputed preschool in the states however I am not sure about the same here,,,,Please advise

Anonymous said...

i worst creche is ykrok in bagmane tech park.
the kid will be crying from morning to evening teachers will be sitting in reception and chatting and browsing network sites.
when the kid is joining they will tell for toddlers 4:1 ratio teacher but there will be only 1 teacher for even 10 kids.

shakthi said...

Euro kids is a really a good play school in bangalore and parents who are all searching good play school like euro kids, you can click the following link

Anonymous said...

i would say euro kids is a good school. strong recommendation: dont go to LITTLE PARADISE. the principal (a bengali) does not know how to talk properly with parents and is just interested in money. also little feet is good and reasonable.

Esha Matta said...

Hi all, I was just browsing and going through various discussion forums so that i could choose the best preschool for my daughter. But i ended up adding to the confusion level. So i visited various preschools personally and did a research and i ultimately decided to enroll my daughter to Eurokids. and im happy with the response i got from them and the way they teach.

Anonymous said...

hello , i am into teaching profession since 6 years i love kids and its my passion , i enjoy being with kids and i handle almost 20 kids running a personal tutorial at home it suggest you
please investigate before ammting kid to any school dont go on brand name as brand dosent teache or take care but it is a good teacher so please check it personally dont trust a review and take a risk this can be a gimic also posted by the owner it self so please check personally and investigate before taking admissions

Ayesha Tivari said...

It's wonderful post sharing here.. keep more sharing..

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Janvi said...

This is really an informative & useful blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Creches in Delhi NCR

Sweta said...
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Anonymous said...

THIS SCHOOL IS A NIGHTMARE-save your child by NOT sending them here!!
I agree with the other review-wish I had read it before sending my daughter here. We pulled her out within 2 months even though we paid the full amount. Here's why you should not put your child here:
1)The teachers BEAT the kids and the director (Chethana) doesn't do anything even when if you complain-she puts the blame back on the parents.She is VERY rude-and is only interested in making money! She has no background in teaching/children's behavior.
2)The school is FULL of MOSQUITOES throughout out the year-the children come back with mosquito bites. The school itself sent circular saying send children in full shirt/pant. The teachers are asked to catch the mosquitoes instead of teaching!Your child will get DENGUE/MALARIA!!
3)The school is well equipped-but all that is for show. Kids not allowed to touch/play with any of the fancy toys as it will get spoilt. During meetings the teacher says that this is your child's favorite toy-but if you ask your child,she will say that she has never seen it. They give all broken toys and dirty blocks to play.
4)Other parents of senior kids were saying that not even once they had water play/splash pool-not even when weather is hot.
5)They do not teach anything-they put up what the day-to-day syllabus,but teachers do not stick to that. Your child will surely fail the entrance exam for 1st standard when he tries to get admission in big school.
6)Teachers are NOT qualified-even some don't speak proper English!! I think they pay poorely -that is what one of the teacher was telling me.
7)Teachers tell children rubbish like-don't drink water after eating or your heart will stop!! My daughter's pediatrician told my daughter not to listen to teacher!!
8) The ayammas/helpers hit the children if they have toilet accident-one girl's mother was sayng her daughter shivers with fright when they mention school! They too changed to different playschool.

Please don't start your child's first step in education in this school or Chethana's other EuroKids branch in Shantinagar-it will only give her bad idea of what school is.
To Chethana and all the teachers- I believe in karma-whatever you do will come back to YOU one day!! That is my prayer for spoiling my kids innocence !

Anonymous said...

Hi chitra,thank u very much ur blog helped me putting my child in eurokids btm layout,school is nice and my daughter is enjoying and I liked thr childrens day and also grandparents day more than me my parents enjoyed very much.thanks once again.

Nilima Shah said...
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Anthony Davis said...

Great post! I am looking forward on your preschool. I hope that you will able to teach kids.

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Nilima Shah said...

Your Site seems pretty informative with good knowledge that is keeping us updated with latest information needed. I have found it really useful and helpful for Preschool and Nursery school.
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Yes Kay said...

Hi Guys,

If anybody share any info abt Podar kids, Sarjapur road, Euro Kids,Sarjapur road and Little Elly, Outer ring road - Sarjapur Junction.

Need to send my 3.6yrs old to nursery class.


Yes Kay said...

Hi Guys,

If anybody share any info abt Podar kids, Sarjapur road, Euro Kids,Sarjapur road and Little Elly, Outer ring road - Sarjapur Junction.

Need to send my 3.6yrs old to nursery class.


Ramji Babasaheb said...

thank you very useful information for the parents...

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Umaima Shaikh said...

Thanks for the useful information. I really appreciate your hard work and effort, and the way you have explained the topic. Great work. Keep it up.

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Himani Sharma said...

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Navita Sharma said...

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