Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A list of good schools in Bangalore

Since the start of the blog, the biggest query so far has been about schools in Bangalore, especially by NRIs with kids. I have compiled a list and will be updating this list over a period of time. I welcome all inputs from Bangalore parents.

Please Note: This is not how I want to present this info. I want to include some contact information for every school. But, I have been having tons of issues accessing 'Blogger' and having even more issues with the Internet in general. But, I will make it better over the next few days.


Other good schools
  • Sri Kumaran Public School, Basavangudi
  • Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (of the Chennai fame), 75/A, Hulimavu, Bannerghatta main road, Bangalore Phone: 2648 2901/02, 2550 1050
  • Sishu Griha English School, 3, HAL 3rd Stage New Thippasandra, Bangalore - 560075
  • Vidya Niketan School, 30, Kempapura Village, Hebbal, Bangalore - 560024
  • The Valley School, Kanakapura Road
New schools off of Sarjapur road
  • Gear Innovative International School Phone: 2844 0919/17
  • Inventure Academy, Whitefield - Sarjapur Road, Near Dommasandra Circle, Bangalore - 562125. Mobile numbers: 94489 36678, 94489 36681
  • Green Wood High School
  • Prakriya, The green wisdom school - 70, Chikkanayakanahalli Road, Off Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-560035 Phone: 28440925 / 57636391
Old Convent schools
Other Convent schools
  • St Germain High School
  • Stella Mary’s Girls School, Vyalikaval
  • Bethany High School, Koramangala CA-12, 20th Main, 6th Block K.M. Layout Bangalore 560034 Phone: 25532189, 25531519
  • Cluny Convent High School, 11th Main, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560003
  • Frank Anthony Public School, 13, Cambridge Road, Ulsoor
  • Sophia High School, Palace road
  • Sacred Heart Girls High School
  • St. Joseph's Indian High School
International Schools
  • The International School Bangalore, NAFL Valley, Whitefield - Sarjapur Road, Near Dommasandra Circle, Bangalore - 562125 Phone: 7822550
  • Mallya Aditi International School, Yelahanka
International Residential Schools
  • American Friendship Residential School, Gudibanda, 84 kms. North of Bangalore
  • Jain International Residential School, Jakkasandra Post, Kanakapura Taluk, Bangalore (Rural) District, Karnataka - 562 112. Phone: 7577013 to 44


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RAvi said...

Ah-ha! Good to see my school top the list under the heading "Other Convent Schools"
So, how've you've been? Here's wishing you all the very best during the new year 2007!

Coffee said...

Hi Chitra.... Just popped by when I saw this post...... The timestamp is wrong. It should have been 1st jan not feb :) You seem to be running fast dear :)


Rajesh Dangi said...

nice effort!!

btw, this posts shows date as Feb 01,2007... and for rest of the world it is still Jan 2007.


Chitra said...

Ravi, been alright. Please check your email. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead as well.

Coffee, I have been having tons of issues with blogger. Just doesn't let me post! And when I managed to post this, I wasn't sure which date format I was supposed to do for Jan 2nd on blogger. Anyway, now I managed to change that. Thanks!

Rajesh, welcome to my blog. I have been a big fan of your blog, but have never manged to leave a comment 'coz of all my Internet issues. Great job there.

Coffee said...

Thats why I shifted from blogger to wordpress!!!!! I was having a tough time there. And with my food blog on, the amount of time it used to take me to upload the pics was like!!!!!!!!! So I shifted all my posts and comments to wordpress. And now I am more than relaxed :)))

Pradeep said...

An informative compilation. There are quite a number of schools here, almost in all areas. Thus it shouldn't be difficult... I did a similar hunt when came here from Hyd in 1999...

Chitra said...

Thanks for the suggestion Coffee. Right now, I think the problem is with my Inet connection. I am comfortable with Blogger, however I will check out Wordpress.

Pradeep, that is true. There are truck loads of schools. I tried to list out a few that are really sought after, and some old convents that have been around for a while. Otherwise, every area has many varieties of schools.

Minal said...

Went through all your posts and loved them. We , as in me and the husband keep arguing with our friends who have settled abroad on the merits of being in this country despite it's so many apparent negatives. .. and friends feel we are really stupid to let go of good job opportunities for the life here.
But, we are happy and content.

Chitra said...

Minal, welcome to my blog. I am glad you are happy and content here. After all, that's what matters at the end of the day. :) Also, very good job opportunities are available here now. In fact, India seems to be the most happening place in many different ways.

BTW, my intention is not to promote living here or even to relocate here. I am just penning my experiences. I loved living in Calif too.

PS: You are welcome to invite your friends to contribute their points of view in my blog.

rash_mi said...

Hi Chitra,

u might want to check out this site for contact details --http://www.schoolsindia.com

Any idea on the correct age for LKG admissions. Next year my daughter will be 3yrs 8ths as on June 1st, will i have to wait for another year to admit her to LKG?

And yes, the eurokids post was very helpful.


Chitra said...

Rashmi, welcome to my blog. I have visited sites that list school information etc. Unfortunately, these sites are not updated and hence do not carry current contact info. I have tried to provide info that I know are correct, especially the phone numbers.

Yes, I think your daughter will be able to go to LKG only in '09. I am glad the Eurokids review helped. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Can sombody throw some light for pre schools in the malleshwaram ,rajajinager area for 2 1/2 yr olds.

Anonymous said...

what about DPS East Bangalore , along Sarjapur Road?

Chitra said...

Anon, welcome to my blog. Please see my post on pre-schools. Maybe, something there will fit your needs.

Anon 2, recently my hub mentioned DPS East to me. Thanks for the reminder. Let me add it quickly to the list.

Anonymous said...

Any feedback on Little Feat Montissori? Also, how does PSBB (Padma Seshadri Bal Bhavan) compare to NPS?

Chitra said...

Anon, welcome to my blog. Unfortunately, I do not have anwsers to your questions. I do not know Little Feet Montessori. Nor do I know enough about PSBB or NPS to comment. The only thing is Bangalore has had NPS for a long time and PSBB is fairly new here. NPS has done well for many years. However, PSBB has been doing well in Chennai for many years too.

gazal said...

how accommodating are the big school are far as late admissions are concerned...we are moving into banglore only in april...do you think the schools will relent...

what's your take on the brigade school?

Chitra said...

Welcome to my blog, Gazal. I am not sure I know Brigade school.

I know that some schools do relent and accept late admissions as long as they meet the child. Depending on where you are going to be, you can check with the schools that will work for you and your child/ren.

Anonymous said...

I know that Brigade schools said the last date for accepting applications are over, but we had someone who lives there hand over our application to the school, but they will not comment further or act upon it until we show up there. We downloaded the application and sent it over to our people to give it to the school. AS far as I know they are accepting applications. But we are not sure if our kid will get admitted there.

charu said...

Hello Chitra,

Great Compilation - I was absolutely in the dark till I saw your website.

I live in Fremont CA, USA and am trying relocating to India for a few months to see if it will pan out.

I am relocating to Bannerghatta road close to L&T South City and am looking for a school for my child who is 3 yrs 6 months now (born Nov 1 2003).

Can he join LKG this summer - June 07? Or does he have to wait one more year?

Also, I am a resident of chennai. I need some help finding a good pre- / school. Can you suggest some schools near L&T city?

thanks so much,

charu said...

Hi Chitra,

What do you think of Mark Global School?

Have you heard of this school? How is it?


Sachin said...

Hello All,

This is Sachin and Rachna: We have 2 year old twins who have just started to go to a play home in Indiranagar. I would like to be an active member of this blog.

Chitra said...

Charu, welcome to my blog. I am terribly sorry for having missed your comments! I am afraid your son is going to have to wait another year to join LKG. Typically they want the child to have completed 4 as of Jun 1st to start LKG.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with that area too much to suggest good pre-schools. I am afraid, I haven't heard of Mark Global school either. Please let me know if you need any other info.

Sachin, welcome to my blog.

Amritha said...

Hi Chitra,

Did you get my emails at all? Could you post any information you might have about dual US/India citizenship (or OCI) and any implications this might have for the kids' education - especially higher education. I'm sure this is a concern of many R2I parents.

Bangalore Schools said...

Please visit http://www.bangaloreschools.net for list of schools in Bangalore

Smitha said...

I love this blog site...very very informative. I have 2 kids of my own and am planning to R2I by the end of next year. The information about schools in B'lore is very useful and is something that i had been looking for. I have seen different schools mentioned here except for Clarence High school near East station. It would be great if you guys can provide your comments and suggestions about Clarence High School. Thank You in advance..

jai said...

Hi. can some one pl post reveiws / give feedback on DPS North Bangalore? (pl highligts few good things & bad things about the school) I intend to admit my kid there for KG.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Preeti said...

DPS is a average school. The campus is nice and huge- what impresses you most- the space and the green.
The principal ( Mrs Syal) is reasonable and understanding.
The teaching and teachers are average( nursery, KG)- no exceptional dedication or enthusiasm, which is disapppointing when kids move from play schools to a regular school.
Kids do lot of activity based learning in kindergarten.
Parents SHOULD interact with the teacher and inform of their childs requirements.
Bus service is reasonable...( some safety issues are there).
Bus fees is more than the tuition fees.Systems are in place as far as functioning of the school is concerned.
Overall a good school

jai said...

Hello Preeti,

Thanks for the quick response.
I heard that students here grow headstrong & with 'attitude'...also that its only for upper-middle class families.. Is this true?

Could you pl suggest some good schools in Bangalore North.

Best Regards,

Bangalore schools said...

http://www.Bangaloreschools.net is a site dedicated to providing you useful information about schools in Bangalore and also allows you to submit your comments on them using the "Post your review" button.

Anonymous said...

Hi Preeti ,
your comment really scares me to put my child in DPS. Iam planning to put my child in DPS to LKG.Just wanted to know that is it a worth for the money we pay ..are the kids academically oriented ..will there be any effect in the attitude of kids as they grow up (like attitude problems)

Preeti said...

Not sure about what you found scary in my comment.

I think DPS-North is a good school and parents should keep their aspirations at a realistic level. Academics and extra curricular seems balanced out.

If you are globally travelled, you would prefer an international school.

Attitude- not sure if students would have attitude problems.

It is not DPS RK Puram - there they have attitude...not here..

Kavitha said...


My son has got selected in DPS south for Pre-KG. Any comments/Feedback/Reviews about DPS south would be much appreciated. This would help me to decide whether to join my kid there.


smk said...

I am new here...I need some info about sudharshan Vidya mandir school, Jayanagar 4T blk. Could any1 know anything good or bad about this school...please reply me soon since I have to make admission in another week for my son.I am in confused state. And also please suggest some good school in and around V.V.puram,Ghandi Bazaar area.


Ritesh said...

Hi smk,

I've heard that SVM is a good school. U can check this link for more comments on SVM http://indiaparenting.com/boards/showmessage.cgi?messageid=4410&table_name=dis_nurseries


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Iam planning admission for my son (pre kg) at Ryan International school on bannerghatta road. I visited school this week and found the campus very good. I have no idea about the staff and teaching.

Can you pls help me with your feedback on Ryan Internaltional school on bannerghatta road. Would be grateful for your advise on same.


Anonymous said...

Hi shuba,
you can try these schools in and around j nagar, jp nagar, padmanabha nagar.
Innisfree, Clarence, carmel, sudarshan, kumarans. check this url for more info


Anonymous said...

My son will be 2 years old in February 2008. I wanted that he get admission in nursery when he is about 2.5 years. Since admissions start around June and by that time he will be just 2.4 years, so I was wondering is it possible that in some school, he goes for half a year to preschool and then goes to nursery for the remaining half year. I have heard such cases in some schools in Delhi but do not know for Bangalore. Do you have any idea as to which schools might be having this provision?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The quality of teaching in RYAN is coming down.The class strength is more, that also increases every year.Every year teachers are moving out and everything is going wrong there.

Sankari said...

hello chitra,

Its great to see a useful,quality site. Congrats.

I am likely to return to India by Jun2009. I am going on a vacation to India. will it be a good idea to visit KVs,Padmaseshadri,Kumarans or any good school and request them to add my son's name in the admission list now itself. My son will be 5 by march 2008. are schools generally accomadative if we return after the admissions are over?

sanjay said...


Could you please provide me good CBSE schools near about Marathahalli area and what is the fee structure of NPS, Indira nagar for L.K.G.


Vikas Sah said...

Chitra has written a nice review here and I too wrote one on my blog a year ago on what challenges I faced when I moved to Bangalore.

I realized we needed a platform to discuss bangalore schools and rate them if possible, encourage discussions.

That is why I started http://www.bangaloreschools.net

Please feel free to visit it and share your joys and agonies on schools in Bangalore so others can learn from you.

Chitra, I would appreciate if you covered the site on your blog.

Vikas Sah.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

Please let me know what is the fees structure in DPS South for LKG and are there any specific criteria for admission? My son will be exactly 4 years by June 01 2009. It would also be really helpful if some could post feedback on DPS South.


Kavitha said...


This is a great forum for school discussions. I am as perplexed as some of the other parents who are moving into Bangalore especially from overseas. What with the range of choices, decision-making takes a toll on you.
//www.bangaloreschools.net seems like a good head start for basic information/fee structure/ student-teacher ratios etc.

I have a 6 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old. I am planning to apply to DPS, Sindhi school (hebbal) and NPS (Rajajinagar) for the academic year 2009-2010. I am moving out of US.

I read Preeti's comments on DPS, especially where she says "Safety issues". Can you or anyone please elaborate what specific safety issues your child may have faced? It does seem worrisome.

Also, if you could provide any feedback on the 3 schools above, I would appreciate it very much!


Priya said...

hi all,

i've just relocated to bangalore from the middle east and have secured admissions for my children (class 4 and UKG) in DPS East and Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan. I am confused as to which of the two is a better school.I have another 3 days to make my choice. Any comments and suggestions will be welcome.


Anonymous said...

DPS east for sure has some safety issues. I had admitted my kids there in UKG and 4rth grades when I returned from the US in May. But 3 weeks later I pulled them out . My younger son got lost going to his class. Only on the 1st day they are shown after which they have to find the class themselves. He got really confused as there are a total of 21 Nursery, lkg and ukg classes in the kindergarten building. Also my older one who is in 4rth was pushed around. Since the construction is not yet done some kid found a nail and poked another kid with it. Apparently kids are not supervised during recess from 4rth grade onwards kids are a bit unruly during recess. Everyday he would say someone or the other went to the doctor during recess time. Also his class was on the 4rth floor and there was a portion where kids could just fall down straight as the construction is not completed. Academics was okay. We had no complaints as far as that goes.

Stonehill International School said...

First of its kind IB International school in Bangalore: Stonehill International. It will be offering all three IB Programmes: PYP, MYP, DP.

It is an education initiative of Embassy Group.

The school session begins September, 2008.

Chitra, could you please add this to your list of International Schools in Bangalore?


Latha said...


Very informative discussion! Thanks.

We are debating moving back to Bangalore after living in US for 12 years - my older one - 8 years old and second one is 4.

I am not concerned about my 4 year old since she would be starting fresh almost into the school system.(Though she is a full time pre-schooler here).
My concerns are for my 8 year old - i browsed through some opinions - some concerns - friendly positive environment for the kid keeping in mind his strengths and negatives AND safety and care. If you have these , most of the kids could be encouraged into the learning mode by themselves. I'm open to any location in blore preferably (old) airport road or JP Nagar.

I feel Blore does offer good schools,but how do you choose from the many?

Appreciate your inputs.

Anonymous said...

hi i have also just move from the us & was wondering which are the good schools in in indira nagar besides NPS..
my kid will go to the third grade

Ganapathy said...


No easy answer to your question. I guess the answer depends on what your long term plans or (for the kids). If you are going to be in India - then in my personal opinion it is good to expose the kids to the "real world" - meaning competition. Going by that - the safe bet would be to choose one of the "established schools" known for the quality of education they provide.

However, if your stay in India is going to be more of a short term thing, then you should definitely look at a "new age" and/or international school.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

It was very helpful info. we r planning to shift to Blore this April.
Any info about Maruti Magnolia and PSBB (Chennai fame) schools?
We r plannig to live in Bannerghatta road. Which one is nearby good school?
I need to put my son for 1st std. When the admissions starts?

thanks in advance for help !!


Bala said...


Thanks for all the great information and discussions.

We just R2Ied 4 mos ago to Bangalore; our older daughter got admission in NAFL (grade 4) and seems to be adjusting well. We currently rent a place close to the school, but were evaluating a possible relocation to the JP Nagar area. In this case, we are considering the option of moving our daughter to Sri Kumaran's school (which is close to JP Nagar). I would like to know if anyone has experience with Sri Kumarans and NAFL wrt how they compare with one another etc. I understand, from a little bit of my research, that Sri Kumaran's has a somewhat larger class size, lower fees, and perhaps, a little greater emphasis on inculcating 'Indian culture'.

Any other comments or suggestions of good schools in the JP Nagar area would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, in advance.


Anonymous said...

Looks like, schools (fee structure) discussed here are all for the high flyers upper middle or upper class!
Is there any discussions/ blogs/ sites around schools for the middle/ lower middle class people?

Anonymous said...


My daughter is going to be 2.7yrs as on 3rd june 2009. In most of the good schools, the right age for adimission to LKG is 4+yrs, my daughter would be 3.7yrs. Is there any good school that accept kids at this age.


Rajeev said...

I am shifting from Navi Mumbai to Bangalore and seeking a good CBSE school in North West Bangalore. I short listed NPS, NAFL, Venkat Int'l, Navkis. Fee appears to be very high, but do they deliver what they charge in fees? Can anybody pl advise their experiences to help me take appropriate decision.

Anonymous said...

How is Baldwins Co-ED school in Rajarajeshwarinagar?Please let us know if you have any info

Thanks & Regards

Anish said...

Any reviews of Jyothi Vidya Mandir would be appreciated.


Anish said...

Oops! The name is Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya

Preeti K said...

This is a very good site for returning Indians. I want to give 2 cents of my input on the schools in Bangalore. I recently went on a 'school hunt' for my children relocating from the USA. I visited several schools. It is really encouraging to note that Bangalore has schools with completely different characteristics and features. No body should have any problem in choosing a school that comes close their ideal school. Out of some 30 schools I visited, I feel the following are good standard schools.

1. If you do not have problem in paying high fee and looking for day and boarding option, excellent facilities, only International curriculum, then your schools are


2. If you do not have problem in paying high fee and looking for purely residential school with excellent facilities that has Indian as well as International curriculum, then your schools are

Jain Residential
Sarla Birla

3. If you can pay average to moderate fee and looking for a day and boarding school with excellent International facilities that offers Indian and International curriculum, your school is


4. If you can pay moderate fee and looking a day school with Indian and International curriculum, your schools are

Mallya Aditi

5. If you can pay average fee and are looking for traditional Indian curriculum, your schools are


6. If you can pay average fee and looking for good old convent type of education with Indian curriculum, your schools are
St. Joseph's

I visited many other schools but I felt the schools mentioned above are unique and can be considered as standard schools. The gauge for 'Standard' can be different for different parents. In whatever way you slice and dice, the above schools can considered as standard in different segment.

Mrinalini said...

We just relocated to Bangalore a couple of months ago and we are really trying to get our son into a good international school. I was directed here from http://kulkeez.blogspot.com/2009/02/school-search.html. We visited Inventure Academy and Greenwood. I personally like Inventure better, especially their teaching methodology. If anyone can give a review vis a vis other schools would be a great help. Thanks in advance.

Preeti K said...

Mrinalini, I have visited most of the schools in Bangalore including Greenwood. What I listed above are the good ones. They all have strengths and weaknesses and cater to parents with different tastes. If you have visited Inventure and Greenwood, I suggest you visit Treamis also. Treamis is a notch above the other two in terms of facilities, extra curricular activities and academics. For the fee you pay and the services you get, Treamis really gives you the best value.

Ankit said...

can i know about lkg admission fees & all details in baldwin school English midium.& what is the age limit for for l kg

Anonymous said...

Any feedback on the following schools:

Holy Saint Public School
New Horizon Public School
Pristine Public School
Silicon City Public School
Malthesha Education Society

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
If u r planning to put your little one in We Care,then this is not at all a right place.They try to impress parents with the toys that they got from US (Which also we get it in India) and with their specious class rooms.Believe me I was with them few months so I have experienced it.People like Reshma and Sonal hire teachers who r not well qualified ,they wants someone who work for them 6 to 10 hours for very less salary.What I wants to say is that they charge heavily but poor quality of education.Reshma is also a heartless lady that I have ever seen in my life." More u pay,More quality u get"is not true here.The logo "We Care" doesn't apply here for your kids,that applies for your money.

Anonymous said...

I am new in Bangalore, trying to admit my boy in DPS East or Greenwood high. If any can give me some valuable feed back on both the school for class 4 onwards, would be real help. i have time till exactly monday 31 Aug 2009. Please give me a miss call at 09989099186. I will call u back. I need just 5 mins of urs.

Thx for help in advance.

Indranil Sinha

Anonymous said...

Hi,am planning to put my kid in pre-kg,tell me the best school in R.T.nagar. Tell ur comments abt presidency school, vidyasagar.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to admit my son for LKG in Innisfree school in JP Nagar, Bangalore. How is the teaching ? What is the fees ? If there are any other better schools in JP Nagar, please suggest me.

Thank You.


mallika said...

I had considered all the schools mentioned by Preeti - thanks for the same. My daughter has joined Inventure Academy. I was very impressed with the school and how they came across to us. Their fees seems quite reasonable, especially when compared to the other international schools. I was also highly impressed with their results. I was impressed with the school but also wanted to see the results, since they were graduating their first batch. Kudos to the entire team - children, parents and teachers - a straight As result makes them on power with the other international schools, if not give it a better footing.

Vin J. said...

Hello Chitra,
Its glad to see a useful info here.

I am likely to return to India by Apr-May 2010, and looking for a school for my child who is going to be 9 yrs 6 months next year (born Apr 28 2001) will go in Grade 4th.
Could you please provide me good CBSE schools (value for money edjucation Schools.), My first criteria would be School and then Appt,
also I curious to know, how difficult is getting admission in NPS (Indira Ngr, Kumrans) I believe they have entrance test, or any other good school.

here below I have short listed Schools based on your reviews
1. NPS - Indira Ngr
2.Kumrans (dont know admission process)
3.Shishu Griha (Seems vey difficult)
4.Treamis (If not get place in above schools)
5.Freedom /Presidency/Padmaseshadri or any good school, I am really looking for your expert and valuable openion so it easier for me to take decision and make my moves accordingly, also let me know what be ideal for me to start admission process.
would really appreciate if you provide me your contact # on vinodwjain@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance

Leviana said...

Do you have a list of worthy places to Buy With No Prescription in Bangalore

BOPANNA said...

Can someone from Bangalore let me know which of the following schools are good, possibly rank them - DPS South, BGS National Public School, Presidency School (Banerghata Road)

How difficult or easy is it to secure admission at Bishop Cottons, Baldwins, St Josephs High School

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have got the seat for my son in SKHC, in dilemma to go ahead or not. Any help on this regard is highly appreciated. I have heard selecting the stream (CBSE, ISCE, State ) is solely decided by the principal / commitee. If anyone has experienced on this, kindly post message

Anonymous said...

We are in the same situation as the person commented above,
Vin, October 20,
We are moving back to India and looking for schools, After we had we never lived in India too. So we have no clue what to expect too.
Above mentioned fee structure Expensive, Less Expensive and Least expensive!!!! What kind of figures are we talking about here???

Our kids they are going to be in 3rd and 4th grade next year.....

Anybody know when is the best time of the year to relocate in relation with school admissions?

Learning Kannada compalsory in primary classes? or Is there other options for second language?

I am grateful if someone can answer these question.


shu said...

We are moving back to bangalore on last week of feb 2010.We are planning to leave in banashankari 3rd stage near ittumadu main Road.can any one please tell me some schools near to this to put my son for 2nd grade.We are in NJ and my son is studying 1st grade here.

I can see in google maps auden public school and little flower public school is near to our house.can any one know more info about these schools.I also like to know more info about kumarans.if any one know some good schools near kathriguppe main Road Big bazar as big bazar is 1.5 to 2 kms from my house .please write to me.

Anonymous said...


Can anyone tell me how is SSRVM( Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir) off Kanakapura road. I am looking for admission to class I for my son. Any feedback/experience on the school would be helpful.


Anonymous said...


I am also looking for a feedback on the SSRVM schools( Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir). Anyone who has had experience with this school can you please share the same with me?

Preeti Das

Shubha Bhandary said...

Dear PArents,I am returning to Bangalore as well.one of my cousin suggests APS public school for my teenage daughter as the kids there are supposed to be "lacking in attitude" and considered humble and down to earth..

Can anyone tell me if its true and whether it is good to put my child there?

Anonymous said...

It is an excellant analysis beyond the branded schools i think we also have to support the upcoming neighbourhood schools like for eg. capitol public school in J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase, my child studies there, in a quick span of 4 years the school has mushroomed into an excellant landmark balancing both academics and co-curricular situated in the compact residential areas close to brigade gardenia, elita promenade and brigade millenium this school has an excellant chance of making to the most sought after school in this locality. Close proximity to home means less travelling for the children and more time to engage in othe out of school activities.

Anonymous said...

The contact details is
No. 1, 9th cross, J.P.Nagar 7th phase, next to Brigade gardenia
Ph: 26851095,26851104
e-mail: capitolinstitutions@yahoo.co.in

Anonymous said...

In case people are interested in a contemporary school, Brookfield High is in Electronic City (3.5 kms from Electronic City main gate) on more than 3 acres of land surrounded by green fields and facing a small pond. The school has modern curriculum and sufficient facilities for play area and large play grounds. The school will commence its inaugural session for 2010-11 in June this year. Parents who are interested can visit the website and get a good understanding of the school's direction at http://www.brookfieldhigh.com

Registration for admissions are on at present for classes starting from Toddlers (2+ yrs), Nursery (3+ yrs), K1 (4+yrs) , K2( 5+yrs), Std 1 to 4. A higher class will be added every year. You can call to fix an appointment with the Principal ,Mrs Ranganathan at +91 9741782090.
You could also email admissions@brookfieldhigh.com
Trust this is useful.

Anonymous said...

We are looking at re-locating back to Bangalore. PLEASE can any one advise a good school in North Bangalore.
Many Thanks,

Term Papers said...

I have been visiting various blogs for my Term Papers research. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information... Regards

Anonymous said...

hi am planning to ove from canada to delhi in january mid.my son will be in 2 nd grade here at that tie and will be 8 years old.i want to know if he can get into 3rd grade from april in delhi...cant afford to lose another year for him.

anitha said...


I am Looking for admission in to 5th std and my priorities are both circular & co circular like sports.
Can any one give their reviews about magnolia maruthi in off bannergatta road.
Could any one suggest any other schools for CBSE(with out kannada language compulsion - As we are getting transfered from Vadodara he cant cope up with kannada...)

Thanks in Advance,

Rabi said...


I am looking for admission for my son in class 1.Can anyone please suggest me which are best schools (in terms of teacher, infrastructure etc)avialable near to Hoskote area of Bangalore

Thanks & regards


ashish said...


I think there is another one and even its best one where my kids are studying - Its greenwood High.

Maybe you would love to add it to your list!

I think its website is - http://greenwoodhigh.edu.in/index1.php

Anyhow, nice list!

ashish said...

And yes the school Greenwood High is the best International School in Bangalore

Anamika said...

My kids are studying in National Academy For Learning (NAFL), Basaveswaranagar, Bangalore. I've some not so welcoming stories to tell you. Pls. give me a call so I can discuss more on a 1-on-1 basis. This seems like any other school with rudeness prevalent among many teachers, but charges very high @ US rate!!

770-410-5007 (US)

Chithra said...

Dear Chitra,

I read your blog on schools in Bangalore with interest. We have returned to India recently and I am looking specifically for information on Trio World School located in Sahakar Nagar. I saw a post by Preethi listing many schools but TRIO WORLD is not one of them.
Does anyone have any experience of TRIO WORLD and how is it in comparison to Mallya Aditi and Stonehill. Thank you

Shwetha said...

Dear Parents,

If you have already admitted your kids in their schools and have problems with the way they teach, then do approach me i have a SOLUTION!! :)
I am a Mathematics Faculty teaching from Grade 5 to Grade 8 (C.B.S.E and I.C.S.E) in a reputed institute.
I am trained in this ACTIVITY BASED TEACHING approach and have started my own institute to direct your kid in right path.

Here, the modules are so designed that every concept taught has an Hands-on activity from which they themselves reason and derive the concept instead of teaching the concept and giving the theoretical proof later(THE CONVENTIONAL WAY !!)

For further details, feel free to contact me at +919008085794
or can mail me at shw_bs@yahoo.co

Anonymous said...

Dear all, I am relocating to Blore from Japan & looking for schools which give more importance for personal development. If anyone know about such schools Please let me know. Sarjapur-ring road area would be preferrable. Also, I am confused with which syllabus to follow..CBSE/ ICSE..Many say ICSE volume is too high..Pls put some light on this too..

Anonymous said...

I just had my kid admitted in DPS East last week. Before admitting I had talk to host of parents ( both existing & prospective) and some teachers & office bearers. More of less the feedback is good. DPS East looks to be a good school and will improve strength to strength years to come. Morover it is a DPS brand.

The good part is that the Std 12 is starting next year. This year the first Std 10 is passing out. The management is very optimistic they will get good results in CBSE exam this year.

By the way fees this year is about the following:

Admission: Rs 20,000
Caution Deposit: Rs 20,000 ( Refundable during the time of school leaving)
Fees yearly: Rs 39,900 ( Payable in 3 installments)
Bus fare: Rs 15000 ( Less than 15KM) or 16000 ( More than 15KM)

Though it does not have modern interactive way of study like the International way of study ( applied in the many International Schools), it follows the traditional Indian way of education. The infrastructure is good and congenial for kids.

Anonymous said...

By the way fees this year is about the following:

Admission: Rs 20,000
Caution Deposit: Rs 20,000 ( Refundable during the time of school leaving)

Rs30,000 ( in cash..no reciept)
Fees yearly: Rs 39,900 ( Payable in 3 installments)
Bus fare: Rs 15000 ( Less than 15KM) or 16000 ( More than 15KM)

Main criteria for admission:

1. Age

2. Qualification of both parents.

3. Distance. If it is too beyond 15KM is a problem ( but not a bindling problem). But they have distance limitation depending on the bus route.

Sowmya said...

Hello all,

Are schools in Bangalore hard and fast about the completion of
3 years and 10 months at the time of admission into LKG ,
My kid (born on November 2008) would be 3 years and 7 months
by June 2012 ,will she be eligible for admission into
DPS/NPS in LKG grade by June 2012?

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hi,I have gone through your blog, it is a good listing of all the schools. we have just relocated to India after 6 years in US. My son was in pre-school there and now he has been enrolled in Jain Heritage school in Hebbal. I like the school and his teachers with whom I have interacted. Moreover, they have a nice day care program for the little ones and provide all the food, from breakfast to evening snacks. However, the fee is definitely steep. They have a lot of emphasis on sports, which at this age is fine and i am happy with but I am not sure how they do academically at higher classes. So far, my experience shows that the teachers are very friendly and never hit a child, which I believe is very important.However, it is very difficult to get any information about school experience from my 4 year old. He does have adjustment issues as he has an American accent which most of the kids don't understand. I would appreciate feedback about this school, from anybody who has had experience. What are the other CBSE schools in North Bangalore that can be considered. I have heard stories of "kids with attitude" in Vidyashilp and have no clue about any other schools in this area. I also need information about the admission guidelines and timelines of the various schools, since I have heard that it is easier to get admission in lower classes. Help please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just had another concern to add to the earlier post. The school is only till class IX, getting admission into class X and above is just going to be that much tougher later on.

Bud Chapman said...

I am not sure what the fee for Jain is but you could check out Trio World School, also in Heebal, its a International School teaching the UK curriculum but his accent would not be a problem here.

We do buses, food etc all within the fee, Class size of 12 and its an international curriculum. Check out www.trioworldschool.com


Priyanka Jha said...

Hi Chitra,

If I ask you to give me top 5 names of best schools in banglore ,then what will it be?
And also my son has completed 3 and we will be back to india in august.So how should i go about his admissions? where can he get the admission?

Sushama said...

My son is studying in Mitra academy(Arekere,Bannerghatta road) school from this academic year. We are quite happy with it. It may not be an excellent school in Bangalore, but quite a good school. Definitely a value for money where co-curricular, extra curricular activities are also given importance along with academics. Their books are also quite good. No exams till 5th Std. I would recommend it for all the parents who are looking out for schools in that area.

Anonymous said...

Is any one knows why American Friendship Residential School at Gudibanda, Bangalore closed?

Shreya said...

Vkids is the best school in Whitefield, bangalore.

VKIDS is a state-of-the-art pre-school and a part of the Vydehi School of Excellence, it is inspired by the vision of making learning a creative and enjoyable experience.

The aim at VKIDS is to provide a holistic learning experience. The varied opportunities provided to each child will help in the development of attributes of mind, heart and hands which will make them into fine human beings useful for society.

We are strong believers in the value of pre-school education. The scholastic and co-scholastic objectives are achieved through the attractive ambiance and rich curriculum which is activity based and aims in the development of all five skills… language, creative,social,scientific and mathematical skills.

VKIDS School is located in Whitefield, Bangalore, India

Land mark: near to ITPL, Cosmos Mall Brookefield, and Graphite India.

For More Details visit: www.vkids.in

Harish said...

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Harish said...

Hi shreya, I think you have read my comments. See if you can suggest.

Anonymous said...

Hi, that link associated with NAFL is not their real website, they don't have their own website but you can find some information at the NPS websites.

Anonymous said...

Hi, to all who find this useful,

CBSE has a good amount of portions on its own, and ICSE is considered to have more. CBSE was challenging enough and if you were in an interactive-learning based school which focusses on concepts, projects, good classroom interaction, you get more out of the syllabus. CBSE seems to support this better as their textbooks are more dialougue-based instead of factual as most ICSE textbooks. This makes it possible for teachers to follow their examples and flow of thought adding in their own experiences. In the case of a factual textbook, it is less likely for students to start questioning or to participate in enlightening debates. Some people I know call this writing 'flowery' because they are more dependent on lines from the textbook for their answers, and thus find them difficult to handle. The CBSE textbooks had some good questions that forced you to write in your own words and in my book, thats better.

India is still a developing country and trying to raise its literacy rates. My people are focussed on 'getting the degree' as opposed to development and enhancing thinking ability, writing skills etc. People don't realize how much they need to match the student to the school and instead just put them to any school which 'has a good name.' Please do inquire about the good name, it might have been from decades ago!! I have heard of parents of families from very good backgrounds who still do the same. This is, according to me, on of the worst mistakes a parent can make. Instead of counting on the notion that students will learn to cope and will do well as long as they are smart, a good parent would be concerned about the mentality of the people he interacts with and the respect, manners, interest in various activities that is/are shown. Why not help maximize your kids strengths by providing the best possible learning environment?

My best advice would be to find a semi-international or international school known for heavy emphasis on academics. They tend to have more broad-minded students and teachers as well as smaller class sizes. But of course, there are perfectly good Indian ones if you hunt! An example coming to mind is Vidyaniketan. Good luck! I am a student who passed out of 10th from NAFL almost 3 years ago, if that makes a difference.

Schools in Bangalore said...

There are many good schools in Bangalore and new ones emerging everyday, so it is impossible for everyone to know which one are good. But i find correct information about schools in Bangalore which gives contact information, map-based location of the school and much more

Harish said...

Hi everyone, if u need tuitions for classes 8th, 9th & 10th for Maths and Science subjects (Home Tuition) then call 7411611754

Linda Singh said...

How about elementary schools for children with special needs? Our 6 yr old will be in the 1st grade. NRI's, we are coming back from the US. Whitefield or Nagar area? He needs occupational therapy for balance and so on, and special reading assistance. He has ADHD (can't sit still, but is a sweet boy.)

shane said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,I'm currently residing in UAE...planning to relocate to b'lore by the end of this year..i have a daughter who is studying in 5th grade at present...i was thinking of Bishop cotton girls or Vidya shilp Academy..went thro' a lot of reviews but i'm not able to decide which is a better choice..Kindly give me yr suggestions..location does not matter...just want admissions in a good icse school...thanks

Santosh said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your valuable review. Do you know you can participate in the "International school survey in Bangalore" by ThinkVidya and win a iPad for your entry.

Check citizenmatters.in or Search in Google for more details.

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Pradeep, with the intention of is accurate. Here are truck lots of schools. I tried to directory unconscious a a small amount of with the intention of are really sought in the manner of, and various old convents with the intention of state been around on behalf of a while. Otherwise, each area has many varieties of schools.

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Anonymous said...

If you regard for your child’s welfare and also if you regard for your self respect, try some other good school. NPS is well known for its arrogant staff, arrogant teachers, non-transparency, no creative development in its students, only just hype. Their trick is to carefully select only meritorious students to get good marks in exams and also NRI's children (as they dont know much about NPS). A huge complaint list against this school is seen often.
And for your kind info, The current campus at koramangala is built largely on government land which makes the supposed to be role model management, nothing but a land grabber. So far regular `adjustments' with corrupt government officials and politicians ( Kind attn. ANNA HAZAREji) has kept the school running.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone - Wanted to know how the JSS school at Banashakari is.. Any positive review for this school

DS said...

it's great help if anyone can tell me about National Hillview public school in rajarajeshwarinagar bangalore.. we are coming from Australia and breaking our head in finding out the right school for our child 3 rd standard.
pls throw some light on this

Kavita said...

Iam planning to put my doughter in schools in 2012,when she will be 3 years.suggest some best schools or pre schools near hebbal.

Smitha said...


There is a new school opened near Electronic City. Candor International School. Check out the website - www.candorschool.com.


Anonymous said...

Please feel free to check out Primus, a public school in Bangalore, based off to Sarjapur Road.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Does any one know about Oxford Secondary High School, JP Nagar, 6th Phase, Bangalore? How is the school?

gopala said...


We planning to return to Bangalore from US, my son right now in 7th, How do I get admission to 8th grade without losing school year as we planning to return this year, Is it too late, And good schools and fee information, Schools near mathahalli I'm interested in, Also he is not good at local language as he born in US.

I appreciate more information on this, totally confused....

Bangalore School said...

Vydehi School of Excellence is the best CBSE School in Whitefield, Bangalore

Vydehi School of Excellence welcomes students from all parts of India and the world for Primary and Pre Primary education in Bangalore. Vydehi School follows an educational system based on 10+2 pattern of instruction of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Vydehi School is located in Whitefield, Bangalore.

For more information visit : http://www.vydehischool.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Smitha,

You suggested Candor International School, do you have any reviews for this school?? Seems to be good from the website??


New International School in Marathahalli Bangalore said...

Surfing I read about Ravindra Bharathi Global School. Its very near to my place and I don't think we have a big brand school anywhere near to Tulsi theater, Marathahalli.

Anyone has more information about this one?

anthonydavis said...

Boarding schools are very helpful for the teenagers who are struggling with academic and behavioral problems.

Top boarding schools in India

anthonydavis said...

As anyone with a desk can attest, you can never have enough holders for loose pens and pencils. Make a special one for Dad decorated with metallic pasta!

kindergarten schools Mumbai

Anonymous said...

We are coming back to India.My Daughter is 3.3 yrs old am still not able to make my mind as to make her join any preschool or school.Please help me with this and also provide me with the list of good schools in Bangalore.

priya said...

Please provide review on whitefield global school...parents pls share ur exp..am looking for admission in Lkg

arun vidhwar said...

Hi All,

You can also check out this website Bangalore School Reviews in which you can find schools near your locality in Bangalore as well as read/write reviews on them.


Reddy said...

Hello , we are planning to return to bangalore next year ,now my daughter is 5 years 6 months , and she is attending kinder garten here in germany .I am just searching for the best school where my kid can get in for next academic year into 1st grade .

any ideas about schools please advise

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Anthony Davis said...

Yes! I would say almost the majority of teachers I know travel and work with their family.

Top International Schools in India

Samira Sharma said...

I second you Mrinalini and Mallika. I really like the way Inventure Academy exposes a child to a multitude of experiences, as opposed to being solely focused on book-learning.I would like to share my views about the school to you people.I see they carry out many extra curricular and co-curricular activities along with well-rounded education that is necessary for the overall personality of the child.I get to see frequent updates about the school and the events carried out through their blogs(http://inventureacademy.com/blog/). feels good to have my kids studying in Inventure

Anthony Davis said...

A boarding school also helps a child to become self reliant. During education at a boarding school, children make some good friends who are with them through ups and downs in life.

Boarding School

Kapil Singh said...

thanks for sharing the amazing list of school in banglore happy to know keep sharing thanks, i would like to introduced one more school St. Edmund's School, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur (India) is a co-educational school offering classes from play group to grade XII based on CBSE pattern.
best schools in jaipur

Trrpkids said...

Best pre school near guindy chennai, day care in Chennai, Nursery school in chennai, kindergarten in Chennai, Creche in Chennai and best play school in chennai.

Schools in Bangalore said...

You can look at Ekya Schools if you are looking for Schools in JP Nagar or Schools in ITPL. ICSE and CBSE School, under CMR and NPS.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.. Thanks for all ur useful info. Am R2I in middle of June, my daughter is 7 yrs old. can anyone suggest some good schools near Basaweshwarnagar or near Whitefield. Also need some feedback abt Royal Orchid school near Whitefield. Thanks

Bhavana sree said...

A good list of best schools in Bangalore. Well, you also find Orchids International school, which is located in Jallahali, Bangalore.

candorschool said...

It gives a huge list of the international school.And it is very important to the parents to identify the address of the schools.
International Schools in South Bangalore

Ekya said...

Good Schools Near BTM, Schools Around KR Puram.

mitali saini said...

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Mr. Gaurav Sharma said...

Hi Chitra, Thanks for sharing a list of the best schools in Bangalore. I will come back again for more interesting stuffs like one you posted earlier. can you please share a list of best preschools in Bangalore? I am waiting for your reply.

Schools around Marathahalli said...

Looking for Schools around Marathahalli, Visit Ekya School: http://www.ekyaschools.com/ITPL

International Schools in Electronic City said...

If you are looking for International Schools in Electronic City, Then Candor International School is Best Choice.

Aaron Hank said...

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Medha P said...

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Top International Schools in Bangalore said...

If you are looking for Top International Schools in Bangalore
, Then Candor International School is Best Choice - http://www.candorschool.com/.

nisha p said...

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Rajan Shiva said...

In India, espacially In Bangalore People are more concern about international education and they always looks for best international schools in bangalore and their own area.

Anonymous said...

Please Add Following School Details:

Capstone High School - Hoskote, Bangalore
Capstone High is a brand new educational institution, but with a wealth of experience, that goes to great lengths to provide your child a solid head start.

Admissions are open for the academic year 2014-2015 commencing in Jun 2014.

For More Visit: http://www.capstonehigh.com/

Amit said...

Hi Chitra - Nice compilation of schools...very helpful. I will be R2Iing in next month. Do you know international schools in Bangalore East that starts session in July or July onwards, apart from TISB & Indus International ?

Thanks in advance for your help !!

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Play schools in bangalore Indiranagar said...

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Play schools in bangalore Indiranagar said...

Thanks for discussing a record of the best educational institutions in Bangalore. I will come returning again for more exciting items like one you published previously. can you please discuss a record of best preschools in Bangalore

Green Gables said...

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Schools in Bangalore said...

Ekya recently started India's Largest Early Years School at Kanakapura Road. Visit the School for more information.

Anonymous said...

Avoid all Vibgyor schools

A 6yr old girl got raped on Bangalore school premises by 2 gym instructors


Best School In Jalandhar said...

Best School In Jalandhar

You know about saffron public school. Fantastic Faculty in the school You will always wish for to be in this school.

Srinivas Mp said...

My son is a 6 grader in VH , the school curriculum is excellent also the staff to student ratio. also they offer various extracurricular activities http://www.vibgyorhigh.com/holistic-development.php

Anonymous said...


I really need feedback about vydehi school. Since it's fee is low as compared to other school, I wan
t to check what facilities they are not providing.

Please share your reviews.

Schools in Bangalore said...

A CBSE School providing truly international facilities and curriculum at JP Nagar, ITPL and Kanakapura Road - Ekya School. Do make it a point to go for a school visit.

Schools near Hoskote said...

If you are looking for good day scholar / residential Schools near Hoskote, visit sharanya Narayani International School (SNIS)

anusha chellappa said...

hi I'm looking for a school near electronic city..please suggest.. there are many..confused..

Orange School said...

Thanks for the list. You should always ping your blog every time you update if you want your blog to be truly successful.

Orange institute of foreign language

Orange School said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rekha said...

Hi Chitra i stay in malleshwaram my son is now 2.3 months planning to put him in playgroup,suggest me some good play school in malleshwaram

Sia Seth said...

There s new school in hoskote offering CBSE syllabus. They are in the 2nd year of operations and I went for an interview there for my son. Please let me know if anyone of you have been there. Their site is www.capstonehigh.com

Orange School said...

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Manohar R said...

If you are looking for good International Boarding schools in Bangalore who offer Day Scholar options as well, then try out Sharanya Narayani International School

Sarvesh Kashyap said...

Parents looking for Schools in Bilekahalli can look at Presidency Schools Bangalore South. One of the best schools in Bangalore who produce board toppers every year!

Orange School said...

Thanks bro..
It's NICE information!

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Pearson S said...

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CBSE School in Bangalore

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nikhil said...

good list of schools thanks for sharing it

laxmi said...

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laxmi said...

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Top MBA Colleges in India said...

Great blog. https://directory.school-time.co/best-schools-in-bangalore/

Top MBA Colleges in India said...

Great blog. https://directory.school-time.co/best-schools-in-bangalore/

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Kanwal Jayot said...

Please advice me good school in Whitefield. I have visited Whitefield Global School and Vydehi School of Excellence.
My daughter is going in Class 5th.I am new in Bangalore. So need your guidance for chose good school. Some friends told me about DPS and Ryan International.

Please put your feedback across.

Appreciate your response on kanwaljayot@gmail.com.

Thanks in Advance~

Insight Academy said...
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Insight Academy said...

You can add "Insight Academy" in your good school list. The school is successfully running from 2007. It is located in Marathahalli & providing optimum education parameter for the students.

Schools in Marathahalli

iDiksha Bang said...

Nice information about the international education and it is more informative.Learning is defined as the social process of construing and appropriating a new or revised interpretation of the meaning of one's experience as a guide to action. Schools in Bangalore | Pre Schools in Bangalore

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