Friday, January 19, 2007

Bangalore's trees are its glory

But for its trees, Bangalore's city scape would have been quite ugly. The city has nothing noteworthy to offer for your visual pleasure. The tree-lined roads are fairly unique to Bangalore and thankfully make up for the lack of other things pretty. The localites do complain about how the number of trees are dwindling. I agree with them. But, I do not see how the city can keep all of its trees amidst such unexpected growth. I am happy that we have the trees that we do.

The difference I notice from a few years ago to now is that Bangaloreans are not keeping quiet about losing their trees. I am positive that the awareness will help protect the existing trees. The corporation is doing its bit of planting saplings when it must cut down trees. The corporation is also maintaining green patches throughout the city by developing small parks (another post.)

These pictures were taken in the afternoons when the traffic is not clogging every inch of the road. The pics are digitally manipulated a little to accentuate the greenery. :)


Pradeep said...

True, Chitra. When I moved in from Hyderabad to Bangalore in 1999, the first thing I noticed was the green cover especially the Cubbon Park stretch.

mumbaigirl said...

Nice pics.

Kamlesh said...

After few years, I see some Metro Rail and Flyovers, replacing these green trees!

Bangalore should expand, but at the same time the existing charm of greenary (so called Garden City) should be retained.

Chitra said...

Yes, Pradeep, the cubbon stretch is really nice.

Thanks Mumbaigirl.

Kamlesh, you are right. I plan on covering Metro rail in another post. Will surely touch upon trees again there.

Roshan said...

Great pics!

Speaking about trees, Mysore is a lot, lot better than Bangalore. I am sure, you will capture better pictures in Mysore.

Chitra said...

Thanks Roshan! Unfortunately, we hardly ever have to go to Mysore. If we do, I will take some pics!

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