Monday, January 22, 2007

Bangalore's shameful violence!

Image Source: Deccan Herald
I have digitally edited the original image

It was very disheartening to see communal violence in some parts of Bangalore. I have mostly known Bangalore as a peaceful place with warm people. To see news channels carrying violent images of Bangalore was shocking. This morning's local newspapers were spalshed with news and pictures of Bangalore's horror stories. There was violence on Friday as well. I am not sure if there are any ulterior motives to whatever was seen on the surface. I am also not sure if there were any instigations by some political or fanatical elements. Whatever the reasons maybe, the common man pays a huge price for no fault of his. As Bangalore bled, my heart cried!

Lessons learnt: Stay put whenever there are large gatherings of any sorts. If not for anything else, at least to avoid the traffic. Ugh! Friday's traffic mess.

PS: The rest of Bangalore was untouched by these disturbances. In fact, we realised about all the violence only when we watched the news on TV. We even had relatives visiting us, etc.


Anonymous said...

Shame shame to u Chaitra aiyar
u the people are real threat to indian soverginity and intigrity.


Shut Up

Anonymous said...

Sad to see this. Bangalore was a calm city before. Because of these riots investors may not invest in Bangalore. Also no doubt ,Bangalore is becoming breeding ground for future terrorists.
Because of these incidents many NRIs may rethink of going back to Bangalore.

Usha said...

Although the violence was localised, it was a totally unnecessary one. There is always a hidden agenda behind the cause overtly declared. And it is always the unconnected peace loving person who gets penalised - what was the crime of the young boy who died? Why did he and his family have to pay such`a price?

Ganapathy said...

Though violence may have been localized and on a relatively smaller scale - the implications of the same are quite large in this "digital era". I'm sure every major media organization around the globe would have run segments discussing about this. Wonder what impression / impact it would have had?

I happened to drive by the "affected area" on my way back from work to home. With the Rapid Protection Force (in their blue uniforms) and truckloads of police and trucks with tear gas shells loaded - it was quite surreal indeed.

Ober Fuhrer said...

Sad to see such violence in Bangalore. It is so stupid, destroying public property and disturbing other lives for selfish reasons.Bangalore needs better security and crime control to cope with the exploding population.

Btw, good photograph. like the effect.

Chitra said...

Anon 2, what you say is unfortunately true!

Usha, the hidden agenda is what is scary! Poor boy. Apparently, he was an orphan!

Ganapathy, welcome to my blog. Wow, RPF and so many cops, I am sure it would not have seemed like you were in Bangalore.

Fuhrer, I hope they equip Bangalore with better crime control. Thanks about the pic! I only edited it. :)

Ram said...

Bangalore is going to be the next laboratory of political militants who are out there to teach all Hindus what Hinduism is. These political thugs are unable to understand that the Ram Mandir and anti-minority slogans do not wash well with most of the well-read and knowledgeable sections of society. Like the communists, their roots lie in the rising number of slums populating uneducated and marginalized youth who are desperately looking for an opportunity to vent their fury at the highly successful yuppie crowd that symbolize the city.

Chitra said...

Ram, welcome to my blog. What you say is right. Truly the anti-minority attitude is not from the educated sections. But unfortunately, everyone will pay the price.

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