Tuesday, November 07, 2006

School, the first order of business

Our oldest one was going to a montessori school in the bay area for almost a year when we moved. And since we moved in the middle of an academic year, Oct, school was pretty much our first priority on coming back to Bangalore. Since my parents live in Bangalore and since we were going to be staying with them for a start, I had asked them to look around for schools in their neighborhood even before we left Cali.

I made note of a few schools, but had pretty much made up my mind about the pre-school. She would go to one of the many Eurokids schools. Eurokids is a chain that provides Pre-School education in India. Eurokids website

Our daughter had already done phonics, writing and reading some 3 letter words. In comparison, she was doing slightly easier things at Eurokids. For her age (3+), she was eligible only for the nursery level. So, we went with it. Yep, she was going to forget a bit of her writing and reading, but that's all she was going to get for her age in any school here.

The reason for our move in Oct was also to be here for the application process to Kindergarten for next year into some of the good schools in Bangalore. The process starts now for Jun, next year. She turns 4 on Jun 1 and will be eligible for LKG. Since, we also plan to settle in the Outer ring road/Sarjapur road area, we will be applying for schools in that neighborhood. (Another post :) )

She started school here a couple of days after we landed! So far, she seems to like it at Eurokids. That's all we care right now. :)


Prius said...

Very much enjoyed your blogs on R2I.Especially the south Indian Coffee.

Can you please suggest some non-international schools for my 1 st grader. We are planning on R2I by 2007 june.


Chitra said...


Thanks so much for the compliment. I have ENJOYED doing this. :)

I have had so many emailes asking for a post about schools. I am compiling anough info to post about all the good schools in Bangalore.

But, I do hate to tell you that for starting school in '07 Jun, most of the application process are either complete or underway, currently. However, I will check around and will keep you posted. Pl do mail me.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your prompt response.

Looks like Dec is still late for june 2007 admissions. But we would like to try the non-international schools before we consider the international schools as that would be only an interim arrangement and I hate to make my dtr change 2 schools within 1 year.

Looking forward to your post on schools.


Vijaykumar said...

Hi Chitra...

u r doing a great job...... specially on ur view on the schools and specially Eurokids... U do not know how thankful I am to U for ur posting on Eurokids... I have been searching for a view from somebody anybody about Eurokids specially in detail just like how u have given for a months.. and finally U helped me out and many parents abroad... Thanks a ton..

I have taken admission for my son at Eurokids.... I am in Stamford connecticut and hence asked my parents to take admission for nursery at Eurokids... since it seems good and is close to my mom's home... also since we r going to stay close by and settle in Bangalore....

I need ur advice: My son is 2 1/2 now... and for a year he will be in Eurokids.... I want to put him in a good school next year... Will all the schools take him directly to lkg .... coz I have read many parents directly putting their kids in nursery at convents/public etc schools....

I just want to know if there will be a problem if I want to put my son in a good school next year.... and also if U have any idea on the admission process....the interview method and if u could share some tips with us on this...

Plz do help me on this... I have been asking soo many people I know here to tell me something atleast but no one has much idea about it... so plz plz help.....

Thanks a ton....

Best regards

Anonymous said...

my son turned 7 in jan 07. Is it too late to get him admitted to school now? Which class would he go to and how difficult is it going to be for him, does he have to learn a language? I prefer a non international school. I guess I had been looking for someone like you to answer my questions. It may seem small, but it's been bugging me.

Chitra said...

Hi Anon,

Typically, most of the schools are already done with their admission processes. However, if you are moving to Bangalore, you can still check out some schools who may take your son in. Very likely, he will go to 2nd grade here in India. Nope, I doubt if he will have to learn a language now. But, if you are looking at a non-international school, he is better of starting sooner than later to keep up with the pace and the languages here. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra,
We will be in bangalore soon and hopefully my son will start going to school there(The same anon here who asked you the question about what to take and what not to take). We are in the process of winding up things here. It seems overwhelming at times and at times not so bad. I will still keep checking your blog though, keep me posted on anything and everything. It will help me immensely.
same anon

Chitra said...

Same anon, sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra ,
I came to your blog searching for a proper school for my son. I am shifting to Bangalore in December 2007 and my son will be 4yrs 9 months by then. He is already into nursery over here so what class shud he get into when he lands up at Bangalore. We are planning to stay in INDIRA NAGAR. What are the good schools that are nearby and what is the admission process(+time schedule).
I know I am troubling you a lot but I couldn't resist asking for your advice . I am totally new to Bangalore.

Anonymous said...


There is one more good school comming up near to Indira nagar for playhome and KG1 to KG3. The methodology is very good and is very good as the teachers are well trained in Euro kids. They are working since 5years.
The school is initiated by the Sri Sri Ravishankar, and is named as SSRVM, Jagadishnagar.

The course pattern is similar to other std. school but the uniquness is that, this school adapts very good practical approach to understand the concepts.

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Shubhada said...

Hi Chitra

Saw your blog while searching for schools in Bangalore. And what caught my attention was you stay near sarjapur/Outer Ring road.. where I will be settling.

I was under the impression that kids need to be 2 1/2 yrs to join Nursery/Pre-Kg... But I read that its actually 3? Correct me if I am wrong.

Since you must have put ur kid in a CBSE/ICSE school by now... wanted your opinion about the schools where you have put your kid (or any another school) in the Sarjapur/Outer ring road area.

Thanks a bunch

Anonymous said...

Is Vibgyor in Outer ring road a new school?

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