Monday, November 13, 2006

Weather! Can't say enough!

Beautiful weather. So pleasant, so lovely. But ofcourse, having been brought up here in Bangalore, I know that it has changed a lot over the years. No more fog-filled slow mornings (sigh!), an actual need for a fan/AC (!!!), absolutely no need for warm clothes, and very hot Apr/Mays!!! Things have changed, but in spite of all that, the weather is AWESOME! I want to kiss this place. I can wear capris in December! Woo Hoo! Somehow, I find that so hard to get.

In contrast, winters in North Cali suck! The wet, very cold, dark days with nothing to do with the kids. And the colds and fevers! Gosh! Hated it! Hated especially the darkness from 4.30 pm till 7.00 am! Ugh!!!!! Depressing, gloomy days! Alright, alright, will stop with that! But, I am so thrilled to be here with so much of light and activity in Nov. Seriously, how can anybody be depressed or gloomy in India? :)

PS: Springs in Cali are so beautiful, they make up for all of winter's bad and more! :)


Smitha said...

Hey Chits,

This is a wonderful blog for people who are 'in transit' planning their trip back to India for good.

Put in more of your experiences - that will help many who are still cats on the wall waiting to see which side to jump !

Ms Ch said...

Thanks Smitha!

Yep, that's the idea. I want to be good with this blog. I hope I will be regular with this.

Balakumar said...

If you thought Cal winters were bad, wonder what you would say about Portland/Seattle winters! 60 days of sunshine and rain the rest of the year! I think the "rain rain go away" rhyme had its origins here!

When I moved to Cal, I always thought the place was very much like Bangalore. I hardly missed home. Wha with almost identical weather, people, 12 indian restaurants within 2 miles of where we stayed! :)

Ms Ch said...

Hey Bala,

I thought the same for the first couple of years in the bay area. I couldn't believe how similar it was to Bangalore. But, trust me, it began to suck after that. It used to get so wet and cold, it was unbelievable! And with the kids, the problem just got quadrupled. Especially after the second kid.

Amit said...

Hi Chitra

Good post. I would agree on all these notes. Not to mention the insane traffic, the autowallah swagger, and the inscrutable hubris that the Chief Minister has which makes him proclaim that Bangalore is the best city. I moved here 4 years back after spending about the same time in Minneapolis.

Richard Florida's the Flight of the creative class ( has an interesting theory that the 'creatives' will migrate to wherever the climate suits creativity, innovation, and a certain lifestyle.

In that regard, (I think) Bangalore competes with Singapore, London, Beijing, and such cities - not simply with Delhi's wonderful infrastructure, or Mumbai's nightlife, or Hyderabad's casualness.


Chitra said...

Amit, welcome to my blog. Thanks! I am glad you like the posts.

Interesting thoughts. Will check out the link you've provided.