Wednesday, March 28, 2007

R2I - Tips for an R2I move

In my previous post, I made a list of things that you can take and some that you don't need to take with you if you are winding down and returning to India for good. On the same lines, here's another post with some pointers for your move back home. Some of which maybe useful to you.
  1. Do you have kids? Would you be carrying back diapers for them? If so, use all the diapers that you will be taking back for future use as fillers in packing. They keep everything in place and provide good support! :) That's what we did, and everything came back in perfect shape, almost exactly like how we had packed it back home.
  2. I had already mentioned the shipping service that we used here. They are called WorldWide Ocean and Air Shipping Lines Inc. We didn't have any issues either in the US or in Bangalore. When the boxes arrived in Bangalore, they called hub. He went to the warehouse where custom officials checked the boxes. All this was very easy and there were no problems whatsoever. I have also heard from others that all shipping companies do a good job and typically make it all very easy for the customers.
  3. It took exactly 2 months for the boxes to arrive in Bangalore. So, definitely pack the stuff you need for the first 2 months in your suitcases.
  4. Do see if you can ship your stuff a little ahead of your flying out. The reason is, if the boxes are shipped out, then you can focus on your suitcases. Will contain the chaos. :) We shipped almost 2 weeks ahead of flying out.
  5. I took care of most of the selling and giving away of the stuff in our Calif home. I used 'Craigslist' tremendously for selling things. You almost get buyers for everything.
  6. I was also a member in the local 'Freecycle'. So anything that I wasn't selling and that my friends also didn't need or want, I gave it away to people in the Freecycle mailing list. Very useful!
  7. Another helpful tip: We sold both our cars on Sulekha. Initially, we tried selling them on Craigslist, but that didn't work. Dealers list their cars for selling on Craigslist. This clogs the listings on Craigs Autos a lot. However, on Sulekha it was very easy to find Indian buyers who were honest and who made it easy for us. Typically, they also let you keep your car till the last day and arrage for picking it up only when you are completely done! Awesome, eh?
  8. It will get pretty hectic over the last few weeks; especially the last couple of days. However, do make time to visit your friends and relatives for a goodbye. I think we enjoyed that the best. :)
Anything else? Do let me know.


Rajesh said...

Hi Chitra,

We plan to R2I in a few months and the tips that you have given will be very useful indeed.

Thanks for taking the time to write about them.


Chitra said...

Rajesh, welcome to my blog. I am glad the tips are helpful.

murli said...

Chitra, I just stumbled upon your blog today (while doing a Google search on NAFL) and love it! We'll be returning to bangalore (me, after 21 years) in May. Of course, I have visited India a dozen times in that period, but moving is a different thing, as you know. BTW, do you know of any support group or association of R2Indians or R2Bangaloreans in Bangalore? My key question right now is a school for my 13 year old son who will be moving to the 9th grade next. I'm not interested in the sort of convent schools I attended (Bishop Cotton's in my case). I'd like something that is Indian but modern and enlightened at the same time, but am averse to schools filled with rich kids - my Indian middle class background militates against this. Ideally, there'd be other R2Indian kids in his class. Any pointers anyone here?

Thanks, and keep up the great blog!


Natasha said...

Hi Chitra,

It is really interesting and at the same time useful to read all ur blogs. I was just breaking my head for getting a list of good schools for my sis kids.I googled and I found ur blogspot.Kudos :).
I read some of ur blogs and I feel as if I am speaking face to face with u. Anticipating more and more blogs from you.Keep up the good work.

Chitra said...

Murli, I wasn't in town, hence the delay in responding. Welcome to my blog. I am glad you like it.

I do not know of any support groups. As for the schools, most of the good schools are quite expensive and this automatically results in the schools being filled with rich kids. However, if you truly want to avoid the very rich, please avoid the international schools, since they are also the most expensive. I would think NPS/NAFL would be your best bet. We recently got our daughter admitted to NPS for LKG this summer, and met a lot of Indian kids who were born in the US and who have recently moved back to India. I am not sure about the higher classes, but I would think you will get a good mix of local kids and R2I kids in schools like NPS and DPS.

Just curious, why would you want to avoid the convents?

Natasha, thanks! Welcome to my blog. I am glad you found info that you were looking for. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Chitra,

We are moving to Banglore in October and was at my wit's end not knowing where to start doing what!! when I stumbled upon your blog on the internet and I must say it is really helpful!!

You mentioned that you were able to sell most of your household stuff at Craiglist..does that include just computers, TV, DVD player, treadmill,etc. or even furniture like dining tables, mattresses, etc.?? And what about shipping those items after they are sold?

Any other useful pointers by you would be deeply appreciated..:)



Anonymous said...

what wd u suggest ,if I would like to ship my toddlers tricycle to and ups are charging around 300 $ for a 35 $ bike which is 15 pounds in weight..any other shipping company..even USPS is charging this much

Chitra said...

SV, welcome to my blog. I am sorry. I must have missed your comment before. Yes, we sold all of our furniture on craigs as well. And no, we didn't ship any. We only sold it on the local craigs where the buyer came and picked it up.

Anon, welcome to my blog. If I were you, I would give that cycle away to somebody there. Then, come here and buy another. You get good toddler/children's cycles here from anywhere between 1500/- to 2000/-.

Shiva said...

Hi Chitra,

Do you still blog here. I came to bangalore in the 1st week of June and have been reading your blog since before that. Thanks for all the info on your blog, our R2I experience has been very smooth.Nothing unexpected came up and almost six months into it we are getting used to Bangalore.


Chitra said...

Hi Folks,

Wanted to let you know that I have shifted this thread here

Check the post and comments there for further updates


Anonymous said...

Great info about craiglist!. Planning to work hard to sell products on craigslist.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. Simple, useful and concise list of tips!

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