Monday, March 12, 2007

Help stop the stray dog killings in Bangalore

Reproducing a mail forward from Usha. PLEASE READ and do what you can! PLEASE! Yes, 2 kids were mauled to death by dogs, but the killings is not the solution!! We cannot let this happen.

I just want to give the links to a couple of posts that I have written about the stray dogs in Bangalore.
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Please help to save the stray dogs of Bangalore from indiscriminate killing ... Here's how you can help:
  • please read the email below to understand the issue, and to see why Animal Birth Control is the only strategy that is both humane and effective in controlling the stray dog population.
  • please sign this Online petition
  • please read these related blogs - savebangalorestrays , catsofbangalore (note: they describe the cruelty being inflicted on the dogs, and they are not easy reading)
  • please take a few moments to blog about it and spread the word...
  • please write to the media expressing your protest.

Dear Friends,

Excuse me for taking your time - but this is a shocking tale of how an inefficient administration unable to do its job well can recourse to barbarism to find short-term solutions to its problems. So please, please read - and pass on the message to anyone who cares that the BANGALORE LOCAL AUTHORITIES ARE BRUTALLY MURDERING THOUSANDS OF DOGS ON THE STREETS!

I would begin by regretting deeply the two incidents of children getting mauled in Bangalore. For those who are not from Bangalore, allow me to bring you up the curve - these were two unfortunate incidents of children being mauled by stray dogs recently in semi-rural Bangalore. Anyone living in a city would be familiar with such incidents - an urban "Man-Animal Conflict" phenomenon which is sad and avoidable. Both incidents have happened in peripheral areas where the CNVR program (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release/ABC) has NOT been implemented.

Obviously, the media of this city went to town over this, glossing over the menace and pointed fingers at the local authorities. The authorities passed the buck on to the NGO's, without any compassionate or scientific understanding of the problem. What followed was a diktat of the worst kind: a death sentence to all dogs on the streets of this so-called advanced technopolis.

This solution suggested by the Bangalore authorities to KILL EVERY STRAY DOG (numbering in hundreds of thousands) is the most primitive and barbaric one can imagine, and only points to their ineptness and apathy to the real problem at hand.

In a knee jerk reaction to unwarranted hype, thousands of animals have been subjected to death by strangulation, crushing their skulls with boulders after bleach thrown in the eyes to make the animal blind and docile. After living and working in 4 metros, I cannot recall any city ever coming up with such a solution to the challenge of strays.

We followed a dog-catching vehicle (KA03 9906) this morning to the KR Puram CMC Office where we were brow-beaten and forced to retreat. The secret information was that the animals would be taken the same night for execution in a village outside Hosakote. The sentence: To be beaten to death or crushed with stones.

But what I saw will live in my memory forever: The physical abuse that the white female was going through was horrific: I stopped one catcher from beating her with a Plank embedded with two nails - you can see the blood spouting and staining the catch-leash.

In the cage we have seen two animals had died of strangulation and the bodies dumped inside. Other dogs were on the on the point of suffocation: the atmosphere was dreadful with howling and wailing, possibly with the knowledge of impending death.

Here I must mention that I petted many of these so called ferocious animals without any problem.

The insane aspect about the entire exercise is that the tame dogs who have no fear at all of humans are the ones being caught as they come willingly to the dog catchers when called, who are getting paid Rs.50 for their "fearless" acts. These animals have no fear of man, but an understanding and a relationship with man, which is often their undoing. Hence, like the tame animal with the red collar and Clipped ear we saw being caught, they can be easily caught and tortured to death.

Tragically almost all the dogs have already been neutered and vaccinated. Their absence will allow potentially dangerous animals to penetrate into the area from rural surroundings where there is no control on disease or Rabies.

The rational solution, which any person with an iota of sense and sensitivity will see, is not by eliminating every dog but by scientifically controlling the population to keep out the real strays that have not been neutered and vaccinated. As mentioned earlier, in many peripheral areas around Bangalore, where the CNVR program(Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release/ABC) has NOT been implemented, there is a problem. But this Hitleresque "Final Solution" is definitely not a step in the right direction.

The situation can best be termed as barbaric and deplorable. We request all to appeal to the CMC's and put pressure on them to immediately stop catching dogs if they are Collared or have been Vaccinated and Neutered.( Identified By Clipped Ear). All un-neutered dogs should be caught and sent consequently for the CVNR program.

We have taken photographs of what we saw this morning. But they are disturbing, and we decided not to include them in this mail. If you want to see how "man's best friends" are being treated in this city, please write back and we can forward them to you. Please forward this message to all you know who care. Especially those in the media - please help by bringing this news out to the public as you can make a difference and stop this bloodbath.

Jeremy & Anirban

Jeremey D'Souza: +9198450 72484, 28516894

Anirban Bhattacharya: +9199456 89828


"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between dogs and men." - Mark Twain


Anirban said...

When I was a child, growing up in a not so affluent area in Calcutta (no, not Kolkata), there were two kinds of kids. Those who would stone and maim puppies, and those who would shelter and protect them. I was in the latter group, always there to take a mutt home from a cruel world.

As a 6 year old boy, what surprised me the most was how could one be so cruel, so inhuman to the little stray who would wag its tail and come to you unsuspectingly, only to be whacked on the face.

30 years later, in a different world called Bangalore, it seems not much has changed. We have all grown up, but so has the demon inside us. When I read the articles and the hate, it makes me wonder.

Is the dog really such an evil animal, diabolical and ferocious, out to kill children and bite unsuspecting uncles? Are these not the same brown eyed beauties who have never shown any malice to anyone I know?

I am not with any "organization" that is there helping dogs out there, although I respect their commitment and work. But I have had the misfortune of seeing the "heroic" dog-catchers at work, and what they are doing to the docile creatures who come to them when called. The ferocious ones are not caught as the hired killers have no guts to go after them. Pets with collars. Ear-clipped neutered good natured animals. Does not matter - for Rs.50, anything canine is fair game.

I saw what the authorities call humane culling happen - boulders crushing skulls, throats slit, clubbing and suffocating. Stood shaking, looking at how casually a man could kill a little brown female obviously crying in pain, blow by blow by blow. But for the restraining arms around me, there would have been more violence that day.

To me, personally, its terrible that 2 kids died. I have a 2 year old daughter, and I can feel the pain. But what is happening now is unthinkable. Its like a city gone wild, in blood thirst. People who have never had to face a stray, never petted one, are out passing judgements from their cubicles, trying to be a wannabe Singapore, as if the stray dogs are holding them back. Congratulations when you get there - I hope its worth the trade-off you are doing for your heart.

Just by walking erect, eating with hands and doing programming one does not become human. If the sight of little animals being butchered does not move you, then you do not deserve the tag anyway.

Its a sign of the intolerance that is now become so common. 10 years ago, a leopard straying in a village would be caught and handed over to the zoo. Today it is clubbed senseless and then burnt to death.

Tomorrow, as prescribed by Bangalore, hunters will be sent into the forests to exterminate them.

And the tigers, and the elephants...and the "untouchables", the poor, the minorities. Because they are weaker, are different.

And do not conform. Hence, easy prey...
March 12, 2007 11:27 PM

Pradeep said...

It's extremely unfortunate that the stray dog menace issue has shifted to wholly new realm of "killing of innocent" dogs.

The way our civic administrators and politicians have behaved isn't so surprising. This issue, like many others, is also being handled in a reactionary method rather than a constructive and positive manner.

Can't our administration and NGOs not find a humane way of ridding our streets of stary dogs? Yes, animals shouldn't be killed. But why no one is NOT taking an alternative method?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel, nothing goes right in this city. Other day there was an article stating BMP captured 400+ dogs in the vicinity of Vijayanagar and I happen to visit the area over the last weekend. To my surprise, the area has many more dogs now than couple of weeks ago.

The stray dogs are attacking only children at this moment and I guess attacking adults not too far away unless BMP takes quick action.

Anonymous said...

If you animal lovers are so much concerned about the welfare dogs atleast take few of the stray dogs and take care of them in your houses or generate funds and provide them housing. Where are these so called animal lovers when these stray dogs bite people. If one walks in the middle of night there will be atleast 20 dogs chasing. The number of dogs on the road are to be reduced either through giving them shelter outside city or culling them

Anonymous said...

Like the last post.. I think 'Save the stray dog' supporters need to either volunteer to take the pets home, or atleast pay for upkeep of a dog or two. While I do wish more humane methods were used to kill the dogs, someone has to think of a better ( and yet practical) way.

By the way, seals are culled similarly by Canada..(if they cant think of something better.. I dont expect BMA to come up with something either..)

By the way Anirban, jeremey, Chitra.... maybe time to do more than just use a blog or a digital camera. Money does talk - so how about collecting enough to support say 20 dogs for 2-3 yrs. That would include the CVNR, kennels, food.. and someone to look after them !
( no Rs.100/- does not cut it, nor does 1 hr at the local 'ahimisa' outfit.)

Chitra said...

Hi people, welcome to my blog. I read all your comments. I appreciate you taking the time to either agree or disagree.

BTW, I have written this piece here as well. Please read.
We are responsible for these dogs. I will get them vaccinated if the pups are still on the road after a few days. We give them some food and let them stay where they are. The dogs are exceptionally nice to my kids, which is where we benefit. The kids (2 and 4 yrs old) thoroughly enjoy the playing with the pups and the mommy dog. I cannot see how else I could possibly have taught my kids compassion and kindness.

Once again, thanks for the time!

Jellicles said...

hey chitra, i chanced upon your blog via metblogs and i am grateful because something good came out my wasted time there.

if you need anything, please do feel free to contact us at the mother dog needs to be sterilised as soon as her pups are weaned. the puppies too have to be vaccinated and sterilised. they can be done relatively early these days. if those who will be adopting the pups cannot afford to do that, we'll see what we can do.

the pups are adorable! the mother needs lots of water and a little more food...especially because of the extra calories she'll be needing because she's still lactating. thank you taking care of them and thank you for caring.

Chitra said...

Jellicles, the black pup was killed in an accident this morning. He died soon after without bleeding. A scooter went on his tummy, he squeaked and ran. He lied down and slowly died. The mom barked and barked, to no use! Someone has already taken away the white pup. So, she has neither of her kids now. When she barked, there came another dog, and if I am not wrong, I think he is the dad. The white pup looked exactly like him! So many of us are so upset right now. Very sad.

I have contacted Yasmine for sterilizing the dad and the mom.

Sandhya Kashyap said...

The killing of innocent kids by the stray dogs is really heart- rending. But killing every dog on street isn't the solution while the root-cause is not dealt at all. If the moronic butchers around have called for this problem, they have to realize that they have roused the natural animal instinct of feeding on raw flesh and stop dumping their wastes into nearby open spaces. Can the administrators use the thin wire to catch the senseless butchers around and put some sense into them?

Anonymous said...

It's sad that humans are the only barbaric species who systematically destroy life all around them. I'm in the US right now and just heard this news from my parents. I'm ashamed to call myself a Bangalore girl anymore.....and am this close [] to flying back to help those poor dogs. No wonder India is the way it is, we should haul our so called 'leaders' by their legs and render the same treatment to them as they are these animals. I would personally start with those barbaric 'dog catchers'. Give them a taste of their own medicine. For lack of a better word to call the people responisble, I can only think of a choice few.....MFs.

Chitra said...

Sandhya, Anon, welcome to my blog. Yes, what happened was very sad. But, now it looks like everything has come to a stand still. I am not sure if they are pondering over the issue or if they have moved on to something else without solving this one. Lets see.

Anamika said...

Keep up the good work Jeremy....

Surya said...

i hope some of us can do some real things.... pls... y cant v go speak in homes direct...'m ready.... need some like minded ppl.... 'm also worried at ppls apathy toward gvrmts no englis in school here... y r ppl here insensitiv n indifferen... cant v all jus try to break out our own shackles..... anyon with real want : pls mail

i can oly adopt one stray... n the rest need u...

Surya said...

n i do agreee with the anonymous' comments... no pt preachin out noble ideas... v need do somethin solid.... not 4 the sake of it... but oly v can... hey shake out n come on...