Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pre-schools in Bangalore

This topic is primarily for folks who are interested in pre-schools in Bangalore and who have emailed me for information.

There are lots and lots of pre-schools in all areas of Bangalore. And, there are also lots of pre-schools that are new and have modern, read western, methods of teaching young kids the basics. Typically these newer pre-schools have lots of learning equipments in the classrooms. And the ratio of the teacher to the students is very good. The modern/western, friendlier pre-schools are also the more expensive ones.

Some of the pre-school chains that I am familiar with and those that have branches in Bangalore are listed below:
Please Note: The numbering has nothing to do with their ranking. I am just listing the ones that I have heard of.
  1. Eurokids - See my earlier review. Eurokids has about 23 branches in Bangalore.
  2. Kidzee - One of my friends sent her daughter here for nursery and was pretty happy with the school. Kidzee has about 16 branches all over Bangalore.
  3. Neev - I first heard of Neev from Silkboard, when he mentioned it in the comments here. Since then, I have also met parents who send their kids to Neev, and they have only good things to say about the school. In my review of Eurokids, the couple of things I said I was not really happy about were the very few hours at school everyday and the number of closed days in a year. Neev is good on both of these counts. They have longer hours and are open on most holidays. This school, however, only has 2 branches. One in Whitefield and the other in Indiranagar.
  4. Kara - I personally do not know kids that go to a Kara school. But, from the little I have heard, it sounds good. They have 2 branches. One in HSR layout and another in RMV 2nd stage.
Apart from these chains, there are some good preschools that I have heard of. Each of the following seems/sounds very good.
  1. Gaia - Comes with very high recommendation from parents who send their kids here. So, I am guessing it is really good. I have known some U.S-returned parents who cannot stop talking about this school. I have not visited the school, and so wouldn't know much personally. The school is in RT Nagar.
  2. Buddhi - I have been to the campus and it looked pretty good. The school is not restricted to pre-school. The campus is in RMV 2nd Stage. You can learn more about the school and it's programs on the website.
  3. Prayag Montessori - I know nothing about this school. However, when I searched online for pre-schools in Bangalore, I came across this school's website, and it seems to be a true Montessori. It is in Padmanabhanagar.
Most of the schools that I have already listed here also have pre-schools. If you know of some other good pre-schools, please let me know and I will include them here.


Usha said...

Good write up.This would be very useful on metblog. I hope someone ( a.k.a called RAVI) will put a pointer to this in metblog!!

Anonymous said...

I do not intend to start a tangential discussion on this topic but would you know of good preschools in Hyderabad from your friends and relatives ?

Chitra said...

Usha, thanks!

Anon, welcome to my blog. Unfortunately, I hardly know anything about Hyd. But, I would think Hyd would have Eurokids and Kidzee.

Prachi said...

What are some good preschools if we move to JP Nagar for my older dtr to attend PSBB. I want to enroll my second one in a preschool where she can go 9-3 for LKG. Most traditional school LKG program is only half day.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra,
That's indeed a good review. You can also look at Jumbo Kids which is doing a great job and have their centers all over Bangalore. Let us know what you feel!!

Chitra said...

Prachi, welcome to my blog. The best bet would be to check out the preschool chains in that area. I am not familiar with that area at all. You will be able to locate a Eurokids or a Kidzee in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, both of these do not provide longer hours.

Anon, welcome to my blog. Thanks!
I wanted to list Kangaroo Kids and Jumbo Kids. Unfortunately, both of these have no information online, making it very difficult for me to get info or to even point people to them. The least they can do is have a website!

AkaRound Peg said...

I checked Buddhi. They also take disabled kids which is a good thing.

As I was walking into the building, I heard a loud shout Aei. I met the principal and she was very nice and said all the right things. I'd have been sold completely if it was not for the Aei shout I heard.

As I was leaving I asked the principal what that shout could be. She got flustered and said it must have been the kids playing. I told her that could not.

Finally she said, someone must have been talking to a mentally handicapped child. You know thats the only way they understand, thats sometimes the only way to bring them to line.

I left the place as soon as I could. A school that talks to small mentally challenged children harshly is one place I'd avoid completely.

Chitra said...

Welcome to my blog, akaroundpeg! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I am sure it will help some of the folks reading it.

Anonymous said...

Hi chitra, Iam a regular reader of your blog. We are in the process of relocating to Bangalore. My kids have already started school there.

Are there any places which provide weekday after school activities for kids. Iam not looking for a daycare. Classes like french, abacus etc. Most of the places i checked offer weekend only classes.


Chitra said...

Anon, welcome to my blog. Interesting question. I am afraid, I have no answers right now. But, will look around.

Bangalore Schools said...

In order to provide parents a platform to discuss schools in Bangalore we have come up with, where you can get useful information about schools and read and give reviews.

Anonymous said...

My son goes to this Montesorri in Banaswadi (East Bangalore) Sukerthi Montesorri and i find good enhancements in him, impressed..

Anonymous said...

But i m looking to send him to school in '08 as he would be 4yrs in June '08...any info anybody has about Royal concorde would be of gr8 help, i enquired Ryan Intnl and they would issue forms from 6th Dec...

Brinda said...


We moved to BLR 2 weeks ago and I am frantically looking for a pre school for my boy who is 3.5 yrs old.I looked at Euro Kids on 13th Main in Indra Nagar and did not like the facility- did not get a chance to see anything besides the facilty and therefore, cant comment on anything else. Today I went by Ryan International in Whitefield- It seemed like it is far far awy from Indra Nagar (where we will be living). Does anyone send their kid(s) to this school in Whitefield? Any feedback would be deeply appreciated.
Also I am looking for a school with extended care, say may be atleast

VInutha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VInutha said...

I have 1.10 years old daughter and i am looking for a good pre-school in and around Malleshwaram.
I would like to know more about Kara pre-school. If I have to choose between gaia and Kara, which one would be better, cause both of them are of same distance from my home


Anonymous said...


I too am looking for a pre-school to engage my son who is 2 yrs 4 months old. I was just checking on the websites of kara and hymamshu.
I would like to hear from some one on these 2 schools. Can we compare hymamshu in malleshwaram with kara. Will they accept kids in mid year around june/july? What will be the cost?
Can someone help me out here?

Anonymous said...


We have a 5 year daughter whom we want to enroll in a pre-school.
We are returning from UK and will be located at BTM layout ( silkboard ).
Could you pls suggest any pre-school for my daughter.


Anonymous said...

Any place other than Kara, Jeyamahal . The center head is arrogant, I know a parent complaining that her daughter had a poke in eye and they didnt care . Kids being dragged and ignored. They draw colour pictures /stars on childrens hands and children later at home repeat the horrible habit of drawing pictures on ther skin !All they care is good money from unassuming parents who are ready to dump children .

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments.
I am considering Kara Jaymahal for my 2.5 year old son. Am planning to payup and enroll next week. Have met the ppl there and found the place to be okay. It is quite expensive but was looking out for a place that is very protective, so had to settle on this. Now I am really worried after reading some of your write-ups. My husband is leaving to Germany so I need to make a decision very soon. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CONTACT NO. AND EMAIL ID. WUD LIK TO GET IN TOUCH IMMEDIATELY. AM IN NEED OF GREAT HELP !!! Thanks..

Anonymous said...

AkaRound Peg we had a similar experience with Buddhi. Childern were allowed to fight and not enough staff but the fee was exhorbitant!

Rajalakshmi said...

Hi, i ve just moved in to Bangalore. Am looking for a play school for my 3.5 yr old daughter in airport road(old) closer to Manipal Hospital/Leela Palace.
Can someone suggest?

Anonymous said...

My son goes to Geniekids and we are both very happy. You can check out information online at

Ravi said...

For the benefit of Rajalakshmi, we inform that we run PRIME YEARS, a Play school cum Day care in Jeevan Bhima Nagar, LIC Colony, 6th Main 11TH Corss, Opp to the Bala Murugan temple.
The school is headed by a US Educated and experienced Principal, following International curriculum and well equipped school with a homely environment aided by professional teachers. Just call Mrs Mary David at 99869 48341 (Mobile). Thanks
Ravi Shankar.R

Anonymous said...

Any place other than Kara Jayamahal> I fully second that . The center head is arrogant> arrogant is an understatement,well I can't use explicits in an open forum. She talks very sweetly during admission, but they change colours soon.
I know a parent complaining that her daughter had a poke in eye and they didnt care> Even my daughter had a red cheek once. Enquired with a maid who mentioned some Savitha at the centre does slap kids.
Kids being dragged and ignored> They only pretend to look after children when parents arrive to receive their kids.
Kara for kids' CEO Ms. Katherine Rustum's sole aim to make money and they try all means to milk out as much as possible. Please stay away from Kara..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said

Hai,I was also searching for a preschool.Searching starts from last oct.nov i found one preschool MANAV MONTESSORI,Electronic was good for seeing and the fee for pre kg they told 23,000 per anum nd given all the details.Now i decided to join my kid their and went ,they told increased the fee.It is 38,000.Unbelievableeee.Nearly 70% hike.nd i questioned abut the hike .they are telling this s the best preschool in bnaglore(strted only from 2 yrs)nd the fee for all the infrastructrue providing nd good quality of education.What they will be teaching maximum for a pre kg kid???This kind of crack things we should not support.only money making is their aim.And she s telling no parents have complaints about the hike in fee.Reasonable hike is ok but this time(recetion)it s tooo parents take care while joining your kid thier at MANAV MONTESSORI,electronic city.because next time also they will increase and wat we will dooo?

Anonymous said...


Try these playschools in bangalore i found in classifieds sites

radha said...

mrs chitra
my nephew goes to happy hours integrated preschool jeevabhimanagar where the teachers,staff and the principal are very friendly and handle kids witrh great care.they follow montessori and kindergarten system which help the child to develop all the neccessary skills.they start teaching alphabet recognition and tracing for the nusery kids in an unique way which helps the child to face the interviews in big schools.pls try the school as my nephew is very happy to go to is opp miranda high school.

Anonymous said...

Anyone aware of wecare ... its in whitefield and one new branch at sarjapur. I am planning to enroll my kid there ... wanted some reviews and info about the school. Infrastructure looks good .. they have teachers from neev, and have come up well.. do charge almost the same fees as neev. the environmental is airconditioned and have a huge outdoor playarea.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all th parents who wish to put their child in Prayag Montessori, Pdmanabhnagar..... Please do not spoil your childs early days of fun and frolic by admitting him/her In Prayag.For one the Principal, Ameeta Prashanth is extremely high-headed and rude. She was very humble when she started the school, but after 5 years of running the institution, she lacks the basic etiquette of either speaking to the parents or the children.She is fine until you enrol the child, after which she would show her true colours.

I had put my son for 2 years,Nursery and LKG. Everyday he is used to hate going to school.For an LKG student the syllabus is appaling. What other top academic institutions would teach for a 1 st Std kid, these guys want to burden an LKG and a UKG ward with the same. Too much focus is given to writing. I haven’t seen my son having fun at all. Its always a Languae hour, Math hour and a drawing hour. No physical activity or a fun activity. Phonetics is taught like a theory subject, unlike with fun songs and games.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication,division,second language is introduced in LKG, so as a Parent you can imagine the agony which the child would go through.The teachers are all hen pecked to Ameeta. Any opinion you express to the teacher is immediately transmitted to the Principal, and pat like a jobless person she would immediately call you for a meeting.

I then put my son in Kumaran’s and he is a happy child today. So to all those parents who want their children to enjoy their nascent years, my advise, stay away from Prayag.

Anonymous said...

All about Prayag:

My Child was in Prayag from 2007-2008, he hated it everybit.

In fact we took out our child in 2009,and put him in Hill View. He is much better there. Ameeta Prashanth, the Principal for one is extremely uncouth,rude.I used to dread the parents teachers meetings. The Teachers would only loads of negative comments about the student and nothing more. I as a Parent would feel so sad for my daughter and regretted every bit of it. The student teacher ratio was 12:1 as against 8:1 listed on the website.
For all those parents who love their kids , please do not go to Prayag.

Amarnath said...

My child was studying at Prayag and I never felt they were stressing her in anyway, we have had no issues with either the school or Mrs.Amitha Prashanth.Infact they have always kept us posted on every aspect of my child's development and I am thankful to them for that. I did check on some of the people who have enrolled their children because of my reference and they said that it was just as I had said it would be. Nothing seems to have changed.
With regard to her staff they are all there... I would definitely recommend Prayag................

Ramesh said...

Hi,My son Trivikram too studied at Prayag and it is thanks to them that he is doing very well at school now.He studied in the Montessori environment and yes he did all the Math opertions you have stated above but you forgot to mention that it was done in the Montessori way with materials.
At no time was my son stressed or did we have any agony.Their website says 1:12 please do recheck.Mrs Amitha Prashanth too has never been rude or arrogant infact at every meeting she tells us "Please tell me how we can make Prayag better".I am surprised at your comments on both Prayag and Mrs.Amitha Prashanth.No school will take so much interest in every child and work towards their overall development like Prayag
My son loved going to school and he has received a very good foundation.I am very happy with Prayag.

Lokesh said...

I truly agree with Amarnath, my son is still studying in UKG at Prayag, Earlier he studied at a very reputed school in south Bangalore and we were really not satisfied with it. So we took the decision of changing him to Prayag & now i feel i have taken the best decision for my child. From day one i have only interacted with Mrs.Amitha & i feel she takes keen interest in each & every child.
My son too has evolved emotionally because of the love and attention given by his teacher Ms.Kumuda and has improved drastically in academics.
Thanks to Prayag and the environmnet they have provided to my son, he has become confident and has made many friends.
I am truly very satisfied with Prayag

vrindak said...

I am shocked to see such strong words against Prayag and Amitha. My daughter Laasya studied there till her mont 3 and till date recalls her teachers and the environment very fondly. I noticed a sea change in her attitude and overall development after she joined Prayag.

Today, my daughter shines in her Std 1 and is one of the toppers and I attribute it totally to her overall development in Prayag.

zama said...

My daughter “ Madiha Iram” has been studying in Prayag since 2yrs.
First I would like to share about my daughter before she joined the Prayag Montessori she was a good and obedient child. Never used to get friendly with strangers. Only if they would be my close friends, colleges or relatives she would be social.
After she joined Prayag Montessori we as parents have observed a lot of positive changes in our daughter.
She loves to go to school even when she is not keeping well she refuses to stay at home but rather go to school.
She has developed interest in panting and her observations are very minute.
Since some time she has become independent and does her work very carefully.
The best that I felt was on 14th Feb 2010 when she walked on stage and performed in front of @ 300 people as a father I was shocked to see her perform in the best manner. Because she was a child who would never speak in the crowd, & I saw her performing its gr8.
I give this credit to the Prayag Montessori
I wish all the best to the staff of Prayag for their wonderful work.

Prem Kumar B said...

Prayag Montessori has played a very important role in the all round development of our son –Pranav Aditya, who has been a part of Prayag for the past three Years .We enrolled him at Age-3 .
We can confidently say that Prayag is one of the few –if not the only Montessori institute which has
1. A full fledged Montessori compliant atmosphere driven by l highly qualified & Montessori certified teaching staff with a healthy student teacher ratio of- 12:1 ,which allows itself to be audited by the Montessori board from time to time.
2.Only school where the Montessori education is also supported by a well developed nature resort called Discovery Village where in the tiny tots are exposed to all the wonderful aspects of Nature & its valuable resources.
3.Well laid out communication process between the parents & the teachers through structured personal interactions , intelligently designed Newsletters , & its website where the activities are listed & events photographed to capture the development of each & every child.
4.Use of technology by deploying Closed circuit cameras where in the parents are allowed to observe their child at work any time ,remotely .
We are quite happy with the value Prayag has added to the growth of our child by deploying the Montessori concepts effectively ,& through the personal care shown by the teachers.
We are happy that we chose Prayag Montessori for our child & strongly recommend the same.

Prem Kumar B.

jerome said...

SORRY some strong comments. After a long time i find people talking about Montessori. For the benefit of all the readers...Today Montessori has become Synonymous to Xerox...whereas Xerox is a company that popularized copying. Montessori is not patented so any TOM, DICK and HARRY uses it left right and center for child education. Mind it i did not mention "Kid" if you ask me why check the meaning of KID in the dictionary. I hope you do not want to call your child a XXXX as mentioned in the dictionary. Now for Montessori education. It is an unique style with its own philosophy. The method is amazing and only 17 schools as of now in Bangalore follow the actual Montessori method. The right age is around 3 years and if you are interested to get your child the right education please help yourself by getting in touch with me. One of my passion after discovering Montessori is to propogate the idea. Call me on 9611123454.

Anonymous said...

Can you give me any feedback (good/bad) about Neev, Whitefield?

Manju said...


This is Manju Alwani. Chitra, Do you have any idea about Kidzee AECS layout?

I am planning to put my twin kids in Kidzee AECS Layout in June,2010.They will complete 3 years in this june.

We are laocated at Kundalahalli Gate near AECS.
Your suggestion would be gr8 help to me.
Thanks in advance..:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Manju,
I do not have much idea about Kidzee. but you can try Kephee pre-school. it is new but looks very good. this is there in AECS layout A block, behind ganesha temple. spacious place and nice methodology of teaching. you can go and check it out once before taking final call on this. You can contact them at 9945663362

Anonymous said...


I am shifting to Bangalore during June 2010. I am planning to stay around Brookfield Area. My son has just completed Nursery in "Roots to Wings" in Hyderabad. I a very much happy with the study methodology followed here and want to continue for one more year in the same school in Bangalore. Does anyone has any feedback on Roots to Wings in Bangalore - particularly Brookfield branch?

Any other suggestion is also welcome.


Anonymous said...

can somebody give me input on hows Kidzee, Roots to Wings and Little elly at Karthik Nagar (Marathahalli). Please provide input asap. Since its admission time now.


Ramya said...

Hi Radha,

I saw your comment about Happy Hours in Jeevan Bhimanagar. They appear to have earned a good reputation over the years.

I have a 10 month old baby and plan to leave him in a day care center soon.

I'd like to receive first hand feedback from you or your relative about this school.

If this is okay with you, can you please e-mail your contact details to

Thanks for sharing the information about Happy Hours.



Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,

There are many schools in AECS layout/brookefields. You can try Kephee School, at Brookefields. I have heard good feedback from the parents who are sending their kids to this playschool.
Roots to wings at brookefields is a relatively new playschool here.

Anonymous said...


My son is 2.5. I am planning admission in Kidzee Arakere.
Anyone knows how it is?

Anonymous said...


I'm having a bad experience with Eurokids Indiranagar Branch, in terms of capabilities of teachers in handling young children. My son has developed new fears after going to school. He now refuses to go inside anyone else's house and says thats "school". Please beware of this branch and check out other branches.


vishal said...


vishal said...


Anonymous said...

not sure about other roots to wing but dont join your kid in roots to wings hebbal bangalore.

every day my kid have some wound
more than 20 students in a class when the promised number is only 10 per class.
no securities only few stafs

preschool said...

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Sonia said...

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aj said...

I do not want to take names, but Bangalore kidzee teacher/s seems to be professionals having no experience with handling very small children. They are rude with kids and parents and unethical. There is discrimination against non-south indian kids. In khazzadastura branch when a complaint was made to the principal of school, the principal agreed that the teacher was rude, undignified and incorrect when handling the child, but at the same time requested the parent not to send a written complaint to the administration --- so it is quite obvious that the principal did not want to rectify the teachers mistakes. We do not expect all pre-primary teachers to have degrees in child psychology, but they atleast should be humane and considerate when handling kids of impressionable years.

Lastly, the school has poor education (for some reason they have fascination with only coloring activities!!!!),-- for eg: do not send weekly progress notes and weekend fun activity kits (they do this in pune kidzee), very limited amount of nursery rhymes teaching etc.

shane said...


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dhanu said...

Hello Chitra,
Nice informative blog. Am a newbee to this search. I am in lookout for a good toddler's home / preschool for my daughter who is 2.5 yrs. Am eyeing on Canadian Preschool / Little Elly ...any reviews on Canadian Pre School...?your feedback is much appreciated

Anonymous said...

I hope u stay in koramangala. I am also with the same question in mind... i ve a confusion which school to join my 2 yr old.. either... euro kids,maple bear(canadian) or little feet montessori house


Anusha said...


My name is Anusha and i m planning to put my son (2.5yrs)in happy hour playschool in vignanagar- near vignanagar bus satnd. I would like to know the feedback about this school- just to make sure that i am making the right choice. Thanks.

Schools in Mumbai said...

Bangalore is one of the best place to study. There are many good pre-schools available in Bangalore.

Mrs pb said...

Hi friends
If anyone is searching for preschool,i can suggest Kidzee is one of the best.
My son is going to kidzee since last year.he likes his school very much.and the studies kids interaction activities all are superb.

Aryan Bhatt said...

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Shubha Hr said...

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Montessori School in Bangalore said...


You can check Ekya Schools. They have recently started. They have a good curriculum and infrastructure for Montessori learning. You can check their website for details.

Seems like another good school in bangalore coming up

Bhavana sree said...

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Shubham Thakur said...

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Anonymous said...

Kidzee is the best preschool

Ramji Babasaheb said...

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The article is very nice to read having an informative content. Can anybody suggest the Best Daycare In Mumbai nearby Goregaon east?

s.rajesh kumar said...

Best Preschools of Bangalore don't overburden the youths with setting they up do even sort out the activities on standard prelude like structure, shading, painting or singing competitions to give the kids introduction and finding eager adolescents conceivable outcomes to progress in each float with welcoming approach to manage administer kids.
Best Tuitions in HSR Layout

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Thanks for the information. Would like to explore preschools in HSR Layout.