Tuesday, December 05, 2006

R2I - No ocean to keep families apart

The proximity of our near and dear ones is a big plus on returning home. Typically parents are getting old and their dependencies, increasing. It is very easy on the nerves to not have the oceans and mountains keeping you apart, especially when there is a health crisis.

Both hub and I are only kids to our respective parents and we wanted to be here for emergencies that might arise. I would have hated to receive a really tragic news in the middle of the night and not be able to come home right away. What with 2 young'uns and all. Though both sets of parents have visited us before, I didn't see it happening again cause of different health complications. And that wasn't comforting at all.

It is an absolute joy to watch the children interact and play with their grandparents. And it seems to be doing a whole lot of good to the grandparents as well. Something to keep them young and spirited .... company of the very young. The nearness and proximity is easy on their nerves as well. For them, the huge geographical divide and the tiring and long international air travels are things of the past. :)


Paavai said...

Nothing can compensate for the benefits of gand parents attention on their grand children. It is priceless :)-.

Kids definitely benefit from the wisdom of their grand parents, if parents value that wisdom

Chitra said...

Paavai, welcome to the blog! :)

As parents, we definitely benefit from less worries (our parents' health) and the baby sittings. :P

Anonymous said...


Well said about - "if parents value that wisdom".

Even leaving out the wisdom part - grandparents love and affection (often unconditional) is something that the kids truly enjoy.


abhi said...

I agree. The joy of watching the little ones being pampered by their grandparents far outweighs the little, irksome troubles that the parents may have to endure. Good, heartfelt post. Thank you.

Chitra Aiyer said...

Hi Abhi, welcome to the blog! Thanks for your comment.

Sumana said...

Wonderful blog chitra. I loved to read it especially when we are close to r2i'ing to blore during the start of next year.

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