Thursday, August 30, 2007

When it rains, it pours!

Bangalore has been getting some really good rains of late. It has been pouring long and hard. If you are home, it is wonderful of course - sipping tea, enjoying the rains from within the comforts of your home, music in the background, etc.

But what happens to the roads - public's best friend? The city's main roads are in very good condition and the rains don't seem to be harming those too much. However, the way the rains have been pouring, the roads are almost always flooded. See pic.


The minute you take a turn away from the main roads, and into the secondary main roads, the bumpy journey begins. Typically the prime main roads like the one in the pic above are also those that have some decent pavements for the pedestrians. From the secondary main road onwards the road is the only place for the traffic, pedestrians, animals, vendors, bus-stops, auto-stands, repair-works (road repair, cable, telephone, water supply) , parking lots .... well you get the picture. And when it rains, not only is all the chaos quadrupled, but the roads also acquire new damages. It is as if the rains are eating away the roads. See below.

These pics were taken after the rains, not during. You can only imagine these during the rains. Also these pics do not reflect the worst case!

So when it rains, with the potholes, the mud water splashing, the honks, and the infamous traffic jams getting worse, you are in for one heck of a joy ride. Of course, you learn to take it all in, take a deep breath and "inch" forward. And if you are not frustrated, well then at least you are learning to be patient and accepting!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to India, specifically to Bangalore!

timepass said...

Its the same situation everywhere in India I suppose, not just in Bangalore. Our energetic civic authorities always fill potholes and relay new roads only when they wish to...

Vijay said...

I love it when it rains... and I am at home

Pradeep said...

When we were wondering where has the rain gone, it begins to pour. I wish it rained all day, but seeing the state of our infrastructure, I have second thoughts. But still, wonderful climate, and things aren't as bad.

Jellicles said...

all that is true. and can be annoying..

but i love it when it rains in bangalore..its my favourite time of the year there!!

Jal Pari said...

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