Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Schools for autistic kids in Bangalore

Recently, I have had a couple of requests from readers of this blog for info regarding schools for autistic kids in Bangalore. This is such a co-incidence mostly because for the past few months, I have had an opportunity to meet and interact with a few autistic kids, and the experience has been quite touching, to say the least!

So, when I got the request for special schools, I set out on this task of finding the most recommended school for special kids, here in Bangalore. I discovered that Academy for Severe Handicap and Autism or ASHA for short, comes with very good recommendation. One of the special education teachers that I know speaks very highly of this school and its founder, Ms. Jayashree Ramesh. And when I spoke with KPAMRC*, they too recommended ASHA highly.

1) Academy for Severe Handicap and Autism (ASHA)
L-76/A, (Opposite to L-50) Kirloskar colony,
HBCS 3rd Stage, 4th Block, Basaveswarnagar,
Bangalore - 560079

Phone: +91 80 23225279 / 23230357
Fax: +91 80 22258103

On talking to the nice people at ASHA, I have 2 more special schools for autistic kids, recommended by the people at ASHA.

2) Sunshine Autism Trust
280, 6th Cross, Domlur Layout,
Bangalore - 560071

Phone: +91 80 65360892

3) Apoorva Centre for Autism
c/o Lions Club of Sarakki,
21st main, 1st cross, Marenahalli,
J P Nagar Phase-2,
Bangalore - 560078

Phone: +91 80 65710445 / 9243195154 / 9845076140

If any of you know of other good special schools, please email me or leave info in the comments section and I will add it to this post. I do not want to add schools that I get off of the Internet to this list. If you have a personal recommendation, that will be wonderful. Thanks!

* KPAMRC (Karnataka Parents’ Association for Mentally Retarded Citizens)
Phone: + 91 80 26564608


Dr.Kumaresh said...

Very informative. Kindly visit my blog

Amritha said...

Srushti special academy basaveshwarnagar is also good.

Chitra said...

Welcome to my blog, Dr. Kumaresh. Your blog looks interesting.

Amritha, thanks for the mention. Let me dig around and find their location and number, so that I can add it to this list.

Priya said...


The school will address the needs of children with autism and learning disabilities( LD,SLD).

We feature an educational environment that nurtures your child's as well as our own' lives

For more details and application forms please contact
PRIYA: or 98862 24560 or Daynidhi - or 9980077845

Anonymous said...

Any experience from R2I parents as to how they find the autistic schools in India is most welcome. My daughter goes to a regular school in US but has an Individualized Education Plan and also gets some amount of one on one wrap around services.

Anonymous said...

Parijma learning center at Wilsongarden is also a good option. This is located close to the BMTC bus station in double road.

Anonymous said...

dear all you must also check a very special school at whitefield in vydehi hospital they have started it only this year

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for information on schools (for special children) in Indiranagar, Koramangala, etc. There is ASHA school but it mostly caters to severely autistic children. Need to know schools where they try to mix the mildly autistic children with normal children.

Personally I have experienced Child Development Center in Malleswaram. It is attached to Dr. Nandini Mundukar's clinic. My daughter has mild form of autism and she is showing signs of improvement after 6 months of treatment at CDC. It is located at 15th Cross, Chitrapur Bhavan, Malleswaram.

Anonymous said...

I tried to find any detail I can on Vydehi hospital but no luck. Does anyone know a website for this institute? Unfortunately I live in the US so can't get there now?

Anonymous said...

Vydehi - contact details

#82,EPIP Area,
Bangalore 560 066.
Phone: 080-28413381-5
Fax: +91-80-28412956
Visit us at: (web site is currently not working properly)

Anonymous said...

Further to my earlier post on Parijma, Parijma is a Diagnostic Center for Neuro by a well known doctor in this field Dr.Suresh Aroor and he is an established name. They also have child stimulation center for treating childrens with developmental delay and a pre-school which is quite professionally run and a slow learning school. I'm personally availed their pre-school service for my son and it was quite good.

If anyone wants to check out their service and find out more, here is their contact details:

Parijma Diagnostic Center:
24/10,Bts Depot Road, Wilson Garden, Bangalore, 560027‎ -
Tel: 080 22243640


Anonymous said...

I am looking for info on behalf of my friend. His son is diagnosed with mild autistic behaviour at Tanjore, TN. Wish to come and do a full diagnosis. Can you suggest me a good place to start with as there are many options now.

Also I did not find a mention of NIMHANS in this listing ? How about there ?

Anonymous said...


You can try Parijam for further Diagnosis.

You can also try NIMHANS neuro department. I tried their child neuro service but the problem is long queues and difficulty to reach the right doctors.


Chitra said...

Hi All,

Wanted to let you know that I have updated the post and moved this thread to

Looking forward to your continued participation there.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Chitra,
My friends son is autistic,so i just looked up this blog for information on schools in bangalore.
I love your blog. It's informative and precise.Thanks
I live in Bangalore and I make gluten free breads and dairy-free cakes for children with gluten allergies.
Please call me if I can be of any help as a volunteer in an autistic school or otherwise.
my phone #: 9845869109
Thanks Again,

Anonymous said...

I'd like to volunteer in a special needs school or any non-profit NGO at or near fraser town, Bangalore. Does anyone know of any such organisation? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

In Gujarat Disha Autism centre, baroda, managed by Disha Charitable Trust is providing special schooling and therapy services for children with autism in age group of 3 to 18 years. They can be contacted by email

bubbles-learningcentre-autism said...

there's another centre called Bubbles centre for autism. they run a full day special school program along with play/social skill trg prog. they also hv an after school prog for ASD children in main stream schools. hope this info helps.

Rajani said...

Hello parents,

I am a parent with a child with autism. I have undergone some training in US using ABA principles and would like to share some strategies to work at home!For your information behaviour is a way of communication. All we need is some patience,enough parent support , and Role model. Also we need PECS/Visual schedule/and ABC data(Antecedent Behaviour Consequence).ABC is required to know the reason for a particular behaviour . Take data to see what exactly happened before the tantrum or any behaviour and to see the pattern and then we can work on the same .Use lots of social praise,and premack principle(First and then)and also Priming (giving kids advance notice if there is going to be any changes or going outside).This will really help kids from anxiety and tantrums. Be sure to use only short and clear words and avoid long sentences.Step by step instructions will be really useful . Use positive behaviour approach . Give attention and social praise when a child is not engaged in any behaviour or tantrum. And ignore the bad behaviour and redirect the child to some activity. Take the child for a short walk frequently .Most kids love music and read books(with pictures) with them everyday.For more information kindly contact on my
Wishing you all the best!!!

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi any recomendations for autism school in delhi

Anonymous said...


Can any one suggest me the best school with contact details for Down Syndrome childs in Bangalore..

Climbing Frames said...

Hi, it's a nice post. So, go ahead and keep us informed with your news.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any good schools for autistic kids in Mysore?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of good schoold for autistic kids in Jahrkhan, Bihar or Bengal?

deena said...

Hi i am Deena.We r a group of 3 mothers with children with special needs.we r running a school-like set up for our children for the past one year now.We follow ABA along with structured teaching. We r looking for hardworking mothers(& child) to join our team.For further details u can get in touch with me.My no. 9480070092

Dr Shobha Shashidhara said...

please check-
www all under one roof for children with special needs in south Bangalore

Anonymous said...


Need details of residntial Autistic school and fee structure


Anonymous said...

Parents who are looking for early intervention programs kindly check
Chandrasekhar institute for speech and hearing. They have a good one-on-one program along with speech and OT. Wishing you all the best!

sukanya said...

hi iam sukanya and my son has mild cerebral palsy is left handed does everthin smartly except studying he is in normal school but not able to cope up should he necessary go to a special school or can i get a special educator who can come to my place and teach my son pls need advice my email id is ph no is 8792897986

Anonymous said...


I am new to bangalore and staying in AECS Layout, kundanhalli. Can any give me speech and Occupational therapist in the near by location.

Thanks In Advance

Anonymous said...


I am new to bangalore and staying in AECS Layout, kundanhalli. Can any one give me speech and Occupational therapist details/contact numbers in the near by location.

Thanks In Advance

Anonymous said...

India launches an affordable, government sponsored health insurance plan for people with autism, mental disorders and multiple disabilities

In order to enable and empower persons with disability to live as independently and as fully as possible, health services and their access to persons with disabilities assume a very significant role. In this context, the health insurance facility becomes important but presently such products are not easily available for persons with disabilities. In such a situation, a health insurance scheme “Niramaya” is conceived with the following objectives...

– To provide affordable Health Insurance to persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities
– To encourage health services seeking behaviour among persons with disability
– To improve the general health condition & quality of life of persons with disability

The Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Smt. Meira Kumar has launched "Nirmaya" a Health Insurance Plan for the welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities here today. Addressing on the occasion, she said that a large number of persons will benefit from this health insurance plan in terms of getting quality medical services in their respective areas through this scheme. She further said that it is a cashless scheme, under this persons need not pay even a penny for the services offer to them if they are admitted in hospital for an expenditure up to Rs. 1 lakh. Even transport arrangement also has been made for this purpose to reach the hospitals.

The Nirmaya health insurance plan also covers OPD services. The premium of the insurance scheme is paid by the National Trust for the Below Poverty Line persons. The above poverty line persons can also avail this facility by paying the suitable premium, she added. Smt. Meira Kumar announced that the Ministry is launching this health insurance plan in 10 districts on pilot basis; Central Delhi- Delhi, Kaimur- Bihar, Chandigarh-Haryana, Jabalpur-Madhya Pradesh, Agartala-Tripura, Raeareily -UP, Erode-Tamil Nadu, Ernakulam-Kerala, Ahmedabad-Gujarat and Bhageshwar in Uttarakhand.

The Minister distributed photo ID cards to the first 20 specially-abled people. A film on Gyan Prabha Awardees was also shown on the occasion. Smt. Subbulakshmi Jagadeesan, the Minister of State for Social Justice & Empowerment, Smt. Poonam Natarajan, Chairperson of National Trust and Smt. Veena Chhotray, the Secretary of SJ&E were also present in the function.

Anonymous said...

I have a reliable information about the herbal cure doctor ( dontworry) .

1. Doctor demands that he should take the photos & video of the kid to cure the kid . ( it is a sad fact that he is using the photos to expand his business)

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According to me , it will not suit me .

Anonymous said...

visit aashianaa special school for autism children at Mysore, Udayagiri, which is a charitable Institution.

Nilima Shah said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi., this is to inform all the parents of special children who are looking for regular school and special educators in Bangalore to be aware of people who loot parents for their benefits. We have experienced such people and would like to share there is one special educaor in Kasturi Nagar and her name is Meena. She is a money minting person and only bothered about her income. she do not have remorse about developing a child. She plays mind game with parents and created panic in parents about autism. She would tell that she will integrate in regular school. The regular schoo is in Babusapalya. Both the school and Meena are joined hands to make money. There is no use of joing that school for special kids. Kids are taken care like animals. Meena does not know anything about special education or ABA. Her trainees also doe snot have any clues about autism. They are only 10th passed. Meena takes inputs from google and teaches. If the child does not have any behaviour, Meena will induce the behaviour in the child and the child will become restless through out and anciety develops for the child. Parents please do a through survey about special educators and take a decision.

Orange School said...

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Anonymous said...

This is very good post.We should treat them equaly.
I know one hospital vikram hospitalwhere speacial treatment is given for autistic patients

K. S. Anand, Homeo enthusiast. said...

There is hope. Slong with special schools, treat them with minimal doses of Homeo remedy. The children will improve faster. I have seen two such csses. Feel free to contact me on 09741017429. Or

Anonymous said...


As parents of autistic children it is incumbent upon us to guide and help each other, there is a lot I have gain from the community and I would like to share my experience with BMI. (behavior momentum India).
I am a father of a 5 year old autistic kid ( Aney) and after much though and advices we decided to move from Calcutta to Bangalore in order to join BMI institute. BMI came with a very strong recommendation from a friend whose autistic kid achieved amazing results after a 1 year plus attending BMI ( the kid is currently attending school, and breaking all the records).
We were very excited to join BMI (behavior momentum India) thinking that we had finally met the best. Little did we know. Here are few of my comments:

1. Communication with parent: Initially, what surprised us, was the fact the communication is very strictly controlled. We were not properly briefed as what is the plan. we were told we will be shown soon, and that soon didn’t come any sooner.
Even for small simple questions, they would make it almost impossible for you to get the answer easy. If you ask how is he doing, the answer would be we will tell you when the time comes (Duh!!) when you ask them when that would be you would see them with blank faces…. I felt the entire team there was like puppets .
Anyhow, there are only two ways to go about and both of them were ineffective.
1. Write it on a dairy. We were not given any details about who will be handling Aney, what is the plan. we were asked to right all our question on a notebook, which apparently is checked at the end of each day, and a response is written.

So a typical conversation would be like this:
Day 1: how was Aney day? (expecting the response would be more in lines of the program)
Answer: it was okay. he is happy.

Day 2: thanks for response. I mean in terms of the plan and progress how is it getting along.
Answer: blank

Apparently they didn’t check you note. So day 3: you need to remind them. And then they would response.

A simple question takes 3 days to get answer, making you so crazy that in the end you just don’t wanna ask anymore.

2. Book an appointment with Smita. Smita must be a God, for she apparently can be present at 7 place at same time. (she runs around 3 centres in Bangalore, and 4 other centres in other parts of india, am I think one in dubai also). Getting appointments with her is a cumbersome process, and the day when it comes you will find her either sick, or hurrying to some meeting.

Decrease in performance/ results. The prime reason why we joined was that BMI gives results. We had good reference on this. But what we realized was that all fame was now history for two reasons:
1. When we spoke to other parents there, we realized, the dream team which did magical work has left the show long back, leaving BMI bleeding. We talked to parents and they mentioned since 3-4 months they don’t find any process and a decrease in the over all centres performance.
2. The centre is operated by a very capable but an egoistic leader. People who cant manage a balance between their ego and performance tend to take wrong decisions. This is exactly what happened with BMI. Smita no doubt is capable, has very high sense of prestige. A suggestion to her seems like an insult. She feels she is the best in the field and all the decision made by her are correct. As a parent you want your therapist to listen to you, but with her it is a one way train. What I felt is that she wants everything to go through her, all the children, all the cases everything. Which is next to impossible, she is always traveling to US and attending conferences. This mechanism is recipe for disaster.

Mohan said...


Can anyone guide me with special needs preschool in Bangalore.

I live near Electrinc city. I have a 3 years old daughter. she has mild ASD

This is very urgent can you please respond quickly.

Abhi Lash said...

I also find Nurturance Playschool as the best playschool in bangalore because i went along with my uncles kid to drop and found that it contains a beautiful place and ground for toddlers. Children can learn many things by getting exposed to outside environment rather than staying in AC classrooms.

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